Strawberry jam

Best Strawberry Jam – No pectin. Just sugar and lemon. Ready in 15mins

I insist that you must choose the best British strawberries to make this jam! Their beautiful red colour will turn into a gleaming ruby red shade and taste heavenly when the jam is made.

I personally like the homemade touch of this gorgeous jam made by using only sugar and lemon juice. Lemon juice, acts as pectin, and make the taste of strawberries more pronounced.  Incredibly the combination of these three ingredients makes magic!

Check these tips out before you launch yourself in making this jam

Remember, never to exceed the cooking time

**5 mins to dissolve sugar

**15 minutes of boiling in high flame

**5/10 mins resting in the same pan to cool off. The heat in the same pan will gradually make the syrup thickens and turn it into jam!

If you fancy, a no bits jam, cut the strawberries into tiny pieces and crush them with your fingers. Or, else, after you finish making the syrup, crush using a hand blender. Do not attempt to crush the strawberries with a blender before making the jam because that will dull the beautiful red shade of the jam.

Before you start, place a metal spoon in the freezer. After rapid boiling and let the syrup rest for 5/10 mins drop a little syrup on the chilled spoon and check if it stays wobbly like jelly on the spoon or drips down. If it doesn’t drip down, voila! the consistency of your jam is perfect!

Ingredients needed:

 Juicy good quality strawberries washed and dried (stem removed) 800g
 White sugar 700g
 Lemon juice 1/2 lemon 
Change the quantities proportionately if you are taking a different weight of strawberries

Important tips – timings

  • 5 min – low flame – to dissolve the sugar
  • 15 min – high flame – to boil the syrup
  • 5/10 min – cool off in the same pan

Let’s make:

  • Cut the strawberries into small pieces. You can leave a few small whole strawberries or a few chunks. For a no bits jam, crush them with your fingers but do not use any blender as it will dull the natural red shade
  • Now drop sugar, lemon juice and strawberries into a wide, heavy bottom pan
  • Heat the pan under low flame for 5 mins allowing the sugar to dissolve
  • Give a good stir and increase the flame to high
  • Rapidly boil the syrup for exactly 15 mins while stirring now and again
  • Remove the scum from the top while it is boiling
  • Immediately after 15 min, give a good stir and switch the flame off
  • Let the jam sit in the pan just for 10 min or 05mins if you feel the syrup has boiled a little thicker. Do not worry, if the jam is too runny when completely cooled off, you can boil it again for 5/10 mins to thicken it.
  • Finally, empty the jam into prepared jars and let them cool off completely before storing them in the fridge
  • This jam can last up to 6 months in the fridge

You can use a funnel for a quick and easy job of filling the bottles with jam.

straw jam1

Tip: If the jam is too runny, keep in the pan for a little longer or switch the flame on and heat up for 5 more minutes.

A very sweet afternoon tea time

  • Warm-up two crumpets in the microwave for 1 min
  • Spread butter generously
  • Now, spread a generous layer of jam on top
  • Yummy!
Scones with strawberry jam
straw crum
Crumpets with butter and jam