Classic Swiss roll – Valentine’s day special

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Gorgeous as it looks, this Swiss sponge roll is a real beauty that should win the crown !

As the Valentine’s day is around the corner, I painted a few hearts on the sponge to display a festive notion relevant to the occassion; you  need some liquid food colouring and a good quality paint brush to paint a simple design on the cake.  Quite an easy tip but the enhanced appearence is a real winner of hearts!

So, let’s make this beauty and bring a special glow of love to this Valentine’s day!

Get ready with the following ingredients ;

For the cake

 Plain Flour  50 g
 Sugar (white caster is best)  120 g
 Eggs  3 whites and yellows seperated
 Baking Powder  1 tsp
 Corn Flour  1 tbsp
Yellow food colour 3 drops (optional)
 Salt 3 pinches ( this is a must to take the blandness of egg whites away)
 Vanilla  1 tsp

Let’s make the sponge roll first

Set the Oven to 180 C

Beat it

  • Seperate the egg whites and yolks carefully
  • Beat the egg whites using an electric hand mixer, in high speed for 2 mins until it gives peaks

  • Add sugar in three times while beating in high speed.  1 min
  • Add egg yolks and beat for 2 mins

  • Add  baking powder, corn flour and flour together and seive on to the cake
  • Add salt, yellow food colouring and vanilla
  • Do not use the electric mixer at this point.  Fold flour using a spatula until the batter comes creamy.

Prepare the tin

  • 12″ x 10″ size square tine will be the right size for the sponge
  • line up with a parchment paper
  • Grease with butter for easy peeling off

Bake it

  • Spread the sponge batter in the tray
  • Lift and drop the tray twice on the kitchen top to evenly settle the batter
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 15 mins or a skewer comes out clean when stabbed in the middle of the cake

Prepare for rolling the cake

  • Lay a wide parchment paper on a  kitchen towel
  • Sprinkle granulated sugar and keep it ready for rolling out the cake

Take the cake out of the oven

  • As soon as the cake is out of the oven, let it cool enough to touch and carefully lay it face down on the sugar sprinkled parchment paper
  • Sprinkle some water on to the linining parchement paper, so that it comes out easily.  Peel it off gently

Roll out

  • Now, while the cake is still very warm, roll out with the parchment paper

  • Leave it to cool off completely for 1 hr.


  • Once the cake is cooled off,  open it flat on a tray

Options for filling the sponge roll

strawberry jamOption 1 – Simple but delicious

  • Strawberry jam – homemade or good quality supermarket brand

I have used here my delicious homemade strawberry jam.  Recipe, given below:

Spread a generous amount of strawberry or raspberry jam as a thick layer and roll the sponge, wrap with a foil and refrigirate for 1/2 hr before serving.

strawberry jamOption 2 – beautiful and yummy

  • 50g butter or margarine, softened
  • 1150g icing sugar
  • A little milk
  • A drop of vanilla
  • Red food colouring

Seive icing sugar and whisk all together using an electric mixer until creamy.  Spread a thick layer and roll the sponge and refrigirate for 1 hr before serving.

strawberry jamOption 3 – Creamy and delicate

  • 1 cup full cream
  • 1/8 cup icing sugar

Beat cream using an electric mixer while adding sugar gradually.  Spread a thick layer and on top of it a layer of strawberry jam and roll the sponge.  Cover with a foil and refrigirate for 1 hr before serving.


  • Take out 30 mins before serving
  • Slice with a sharp knife
  • Enjoy!

Price: £99.00
Was: £179.99
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Basic Butter Cake – Simple pound cake with delicious buttery flavour

butter cake

sponge cake

This  wonderfully-buttery cake with outer golden crust, is the  first cake that every aspiring cake-baker must get right.

We all know that in everything we do, the first step matters a lot.  If the first step goes exactly as planned, it will boost  confidence, which in turn catapult us to be  more adventurous.

First master the art of making this simple but heavenly spongy cake as it  gives a clear insight into all the baking techniques and secrets and you will be baking most glorious varieties of cakes in no time!

All the tips and techniques are given, wrapped with love,  in this recipe so nothing can go wrong.

Happy baking !

You will need the following items:

Self Raising flour 250 g
Margerine or melted butter under room tempreture 250 g
Caster sugar 250 g
Eggs under room temp 4
Milk 1/4 cup
Lemon juice and Vanilla essence 1  tsp each
Salt 2 pinches
Baking powder 1 tsp

Let’s make it: Set the oven to 180 C .

Oven temperature conversion:

Cream it

  • Cream butter and sugar together until creamy,  using an electric hand mixer.  Go clockwise.  (Time : 5 mins)
  • Add eggs, one at a time. Make sure you beat  after each addition. (Time :  Beat 15 seconds after each egg)
  • Add vanilla essence,  lemon juice, salt and finally, cream all together (Time : 1 min) 
  • Mix baking powder to flour and sieve onto the cake batter, holding the sieve well above it, allowing the air to escape.
  •  Fold the flour gently with a wooden spoon until everything turns into a creamy batter. Do not use the electric mixer at this point.
  • Add milk and mix well.

Tray it

  • Line up a baking tray with parchment paper and spoon the batter into the baking tray and flatten with a spatula.
  • Lift up the tray and drop it twice onto your kitchen-top gently, allowing the batter to spread and settle evenly on the try.

Oven it

  • Pop it in the oven.
  • Bake for 20 mins or the top turns golden yellow (Never open the oven door in the first 10 mins)

Check it

  • After 20 mins, insert a skewer into the middle of the cake and if it comes clean,  your cake is ready.
  • Take it out from the oven and let it rest for 10 mins.
  • Slowly remove from the tray and place it on a cooling rack.

Taste it

  • Dip a knife in hot water, wipe clean and cut the cake into dainty squares
  • Enjoy the lovely spongy texture wrapped with the buttery sweetness

butter cake

Other easy delicious cakes :

Vanilla cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes



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