Greek Salad – Inspired by healthy Mediterranean cuisine

Tossing a few ingredients together, you can serve this beautiful, crunchy and healthy Greek salad within minutes.  Remember to mix the veggies with the salad dressing just before the mealtime.  Until then, store the salad bowl in the fridge so that the veggies will stay cool and fresh.

This salad dressing is the basic but the most delicious and healthy one out of all kinds of varieties.  This indeed is the only one that keeps the veggies in their original fresh looks and gives a very satisfying taste too. If you need a variation, add plain yoghurts into the original dressing and whisk thoroughly and mix with the salad veggies until all combines finely.

Ingredients needed:

Iceberg Lettuce 2 cups
Tomatoes (Preferably juicy cherry tomatoes) 1/2 cup
Cucumber 1/2
Red Onions 1/2
Olives (black and green) handful
Feta cheese handful
For the dressing : 
Apple cyder vinegar  3 tbsp
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Salt n black pepper powder 
Honey and Brown sugar 1 tbsp each
Dried oregano  2 tsp

Lets make :

  • Cut Lattuce thinly or just shred, halve cherry tomatoes, slice the cucumber into thin slices and toss all in to a wide brim wooden salad bowl
  • Drop the handful of olives on top
  • Place in the middle of the fridge until you make the salad dressing

Make the salad dressing:

  • Add all the dressing ingredients: Salt and pepper powder, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and honey and mix thoroughly. Now, pour olive oil slowly while mixing rapidly to combine everything beautifully
  • Adjust the taste at this point according to your liking
  • Cover and keep aside until needed

Toss and Mix

  • Take out the salad bowl from the fridge
  • Pour the salad dressing in
  • Now give a nice toss and a mix as gently as possible. Use your fingers to toss and drop the veggies or use a salad tong
  • Finally sprinkly Oregano and toss crushed or daintily cut Feta cheese on top
  • Your beautiful Greek salad is ready to devour
  • Serve immediately!