Eton Mess – Best Ever! Very British!

Who can resist this indulgent, sweet strawberry dessert? The occasional crunch of the meringues in the silky smooth cream, drenched in the sweet strawberry sauce and the taste of fresh juicy strawberries, make it a heavenly treat in the warm summer months.

Much loved for its finest taste and luxury appearance, Eton mess is very popular in the summer season in England and believed to be served at the annual cricket match at the Eton College, where it got its name!

The best news is that it takes only a few minutes to whip it up! Gather the ingredients needed and it’s just whipping the cream and wrapping all in it! Then, grab a spoon and let your taste buds go dancing!

Serve on a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or just decorate a cake with it to give an absolute luxury taste and appearance!

Ingredients needed:

For the strawberry sauce
Juicy strawberries200g and a cup full for garnishing
Sugar3 1/2 tbsp
Lemon juice1 tsp
Water1 tbsp
For the whipped cream
Double cream – whipped cream200ml
Icing sugar3 tbsp
Lemon juice3 drops
For Meringues
Buy a packet of good quality meringues from a supermarket

Let’s whip it:

Opt for juicy strawberries

First, make the strawberry sauce

  • Place strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and water together in a pan and heat up gently until the strawberries are softened and floating in a sauce. This will take about 10-15 mins.
  • Send the sauce through a sieve to get a clear liquid without any seeds
  • Keep aside to cool.

Next, whip the cream

Eton Mess will be a messy and an undesirable lump, if the cream is not whipped into perfection. It is very important to place the cream, the mixing pins and the mixing bowl in the fridge until needed.

  • Take the cream, mixing pins and mixing bowl out of the fridge and immediately pour cream into the bowl
  • Now start whipping at medium speed and gradually increase the speed to maximum. You will notice the cream thickens while being beaten
  • Add icing sugar little by a little while beating in full power
  • Drop the lemon juice
  • Beat until soft peaks form. Check the sweetness and you can add a bit more icing sugar into it to take the sweetness a little further

Assemble – the best part!

  • Slice a cup full of strawberries into thin slices and drop into the cream
  • Add some of the strawberry sauce
  • Crush some meringues and drop
  • Mix all together
  • Decorate with more strawberries, sauce sprinkled on the top and meringue scattered on.
  • Serve chilled!