Sticky date cake

Sticky Date Cake – Soaked With Delicious Toffee Sauce To Celebrate The New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

Sticky date cake


The perfect combination of the richness of dates and the sticky sweetness of the toffee sauce will make you fall in love with this cake instantly!  Make this juicy cake to celebrate any occassion and you will never fail to disappoint your guests.

Rustle this up just the day before, allowing all the flavours and juices to infuse properly.  Serve the daintily-cut, traingle cake pieces  with a pool of toffee sauce all around it. Heavenly!

With its rich flavours, dense sponginess and the thick toffee sauce that melted through all the layers, make this cake a comfort and a joy to taste during cold winter months.  You can even serve this to your family and friends at family gatherings during Christmas time.   Incredibly, to make the cake batter, you don’t even have to take the electric cake mixer out as the batter is cooked on the stove, resulting a very dense and flavourful texure!   So, make it today and enjoy the luxury taste of this exotic cake!

                                   The best cake mixture in town!

Ingredients needed :

Dates – (de stoned) 250 g
Self raising flour 150 g
Brown sugar 150 g
Eggs 2
Margerine or Cake spread (For cakes, I follow Marry Berry’s tip to use spread in place of butter for a lighter texture) 65 g
Bicarb powder 1 tsp
Water 1 cup
Salt 3 pinches

For the Toffee sauce

Brown sugar 5 tbsp
Margerine or butter 3 tbsp
Milk 3 tbsp
Salt 1 pinch

Let’s make it :

  • Cut the dates into small pieces
  • Place the date pieces and water  into a deep pan and bring to boil – (3-4 mins) Do not over boil as the dates will become a sticky pulp.

  • Switch the flame off and add 1tsp of bicarb and mix well

  • Add Sugar and stir until dissolved
  • Next add margerine and give a good mix
  • Beat the 2 eggs lightly and add to the mixture

  • Add the flour little by little while mixing gradually

  • Finally,  add a drop of lemon juice and vanilla and mix until everything combines properly
  • Pour the batter onto a round cake tray (line up the tray with parchment paper or rub butter and dust with flour)
  • Keep aside for 15 mins for all the flavours to incorporate properly

  • Bake in the lower rack of the oven for 20 mins under 180C degrees
  • After 20 mins stab a skewer and check if it comes clean.  If not, keep in the oven for a little longer
  • Keep the cake to cool off completely in the tray itself
  • Once cooled off, take the cake out slowly and remove the linning and stab with a skewer in several places

Now make the Toffee sauce

  • Add 5 tbsp of sugar into a thick bottom pan and switch the flame on to medium

  • Let the sugar turn golden
  • Add butter immediately and give a good stir

  • Then add milk and a pinch of salt and stir under low flame until the sugar crystals melt and turn into a thick sauce

  • Take off  the flame and keep to cool
  • Pour half of it over the cake letting the sauce run through the holes

  • Smear more sauce all over the top
  • Leave the cake overnight for the best taste!

  • Drizzle the rest of the sauce over cake slices and serve
Bosh the oven for best bakes
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2 thoughts on “Sticky Date Cake – Soaked With Delicious Toffee Sauce To Celebrate The New Year 2019!

  1. Tasted and gobbled down by my 3 young monsters when served by the happy chef.
    The cake has a rich full-bodied flavour and taste. Going to try it myself soon.
    A super delish way to treat your family and friends in the new year.
    Thanks for sharing Manori.

    1. Thanks a lot Aliya. Happy to hear that kids loved the cake. I particularly love the toffee sauce dripping down like a yummy dream!

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