mango lassi

Mango Lassi – Delicious Summer Delight

mango lassi

Who can resist fleshy, sweet and subtly-sour mangoes ?  Well, this luscious, refreshing drink made by the pulp of mangoes and yogurt  will win your taste buds instantly.  It acts its way to cool you down from within and quench the constant thirst during intensely hot  summer season.

Believe me, you literary feel the ‘silkiness’ in your tongue, while slowly sipping this delicious juice; at the same time feeling the sweet scent of a mango orchard tantalizing your nostrils.   This feeling itself is refreshing and joyous.  Also, by adding sugar, a perfect balance to the sweetness of the mangoes and the sourness of the yogurts is achieved.  It is such a good combination that delivers a heavenly outcome !

I personally prefer canned Kesar or Badami mango pulp to any other one that gives a distinct creamy and silky texture to this drink.  Also, it’s a real advantage that using this, you can make mango lassi, a well-known quench buster in the Indian sub continent,  even when the mango season is not around.  Apparently, here in the UK we get them only for a few weeks, in  June and July.

It’s so easy to make this; you just have to load everything to the blender jar in one go, including the ice cubes and then process for about 1 min.   Churning with ice cubes enfolds a beautiful texture and overall coolness, so mark it as a must.

You will need :

 Mango pulp  1 cup
 Plain yogurt (Full Fat or Fat Free) add full fat yogurt for a silky texture  1 cup
 Sugar  3 tbsp
 Water  2 cups
 Ice cubes  5

Let’s make it :

  • Drop everything into your blender jar and churn in high speed for 1 min.
  • Serve immediately!
  • Yummy !!


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