Egg Roti – Delicious Sri Lankan Street Food

egg roti

1st Step : Make the dough for rotis

You will need :

 All purpose flour  3 cups
 Salt  1 tsp
 Olive oil (Any cooking oil would do)  1 tbsp
 Sugar  1/2 tsp
Baking powder  1/2 tsp

Knead it :

  • Rub flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and oil together
  • Add lukewarm water little by little and knead for about 5 – 8 mins until the dough doesnt stick on to your fingers
  • Divide into equal sized balls giving an extra kneed to each ball
  • Rub oil on each ball.  Place on a tray a little apart from each other
  • Cover with a wet tea towel or a cling film and let them rest at least an hour



Try this egg roti version for kids.  

  • Beat 3 eggs in a bowl and keep aside.
  • Spray oil on the pan, flatten a dough ball and lay it on the hot pan.
  • Pour some of the egg mixture onto the roti, being careful not to let it spread beyond the edges.
  • Throw a handful of chopped onions, spring onions, chili powder and salt.
  • groti9
  • Once the egg is almost cooked, slowly fold the roti into half or bring all corners to the front.
  • Cook both sides until no raw egg bits are left,
  • Cut into equal size triangles and serve with ketchup.
  • Understandably, this will be irresistible for adults too.  Serve them  egg roti triangles with a steaming cup of plain tea with ginger pieces floating on top.

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