Lasagna-Homemade to perfection

Lasagne – Delicious in every mouthful, easy to make beef lasagne


This cheesy, meaty and juicy lasagne is a real winner when it comes to feed a crowd.  Just one-pot dish with meat, an assortment of veggies, layers of pasta  topped with lots of  cheese, could be the most satisfying meal for your family or to feed a party of guests.

Rather than making the sauce from scratch, I opted for my favourite Loyds Grossman pasta sauce as it fulfils all the needs of a juicy sauce that enhances the flavours to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

So, precisely this is not  the traditional way of making lasagne, but, it is rather a quick fix, but insanely delicious.

I usually make the pasta-filling, the day before so that it tastes even better, in addition to the  whole process becoming much more easier.   Also, make a list of ingredients and buy everything from a supermarket and keep ready, in order not to run to the shops in the midst of making it.

So, let’s start.

Gather all these necessary ingredients:

Lasagne sheets 1 packet
Dolmio lasagne creamy white sauce 1 bottle
Loyd Grossman tomato and chili pasta sauce 1 bottle
Good quality minced lean beef or minced chicken 500 g
Onion 1 large
Carrots 4 large
Baby spinach      5 handfuls
Garlic5 cloves
Soy sauce – dark  1 tbsp
Bell peppers (red, green, yellow) – 1 from each colour 
Tomato ketch-up and Mayonnaise2 tbsp each
Salt1/2 tsp
Parmesan Cheese grated 
Mozzarella cheese grated  

Lasagne dish – Oven proof – from Amazon

Boil and keep the Lasagne sheets ready;

  • Fill a large pan with water and add a few drops of oil and a few pinches of salt into it
  • Boil the water rapidly under high flame
  • Arrange lasagna sheets upright around the pan as shown in the picture, lower the flame to medium
  • They will slide down slowly while boiling away
  • Boil them for 10-15 mins until tender and remove gently and run cold water on them
  • Leave to cool being careful not let them stick to each other

Let’s make the meat filling now:

  • Into a large wok, pour 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • Fry the chopped onion and garlic
  • Drop carrots and beans. (Cut carrots into thin rounds and then into quarters.   Stir fry until tender
  • Add three bell peppers cut into squares and stir fry
  • Add soy sauce
  • Add salt and pepper powder to taste
  • Push all the veggies into a side of the wok and add meat. Brown the meet
  • Stir fry under medium flame.  Do not close the lid
  • Now add the Loyd pasta sauce
  • Bring veggies and meet together and stir fry a few more minutes
  • Finally add the spinach and stir fry until the sauce is properly cooked. Adjust taste at this point
  • Keep to cool

Now pre – heat the oven to 180 C.

Let’s start the fun part of layering the lasagne sheets.

  • Get a wide Pyrex dish / oven proof baking dish / best choice is a typical lasagne dish
  • Spread a layer of meat first
  • Then lay lasagna sheets neatly on top to cover the meat. Do not overlap the sheets

  • Next, pour a layer of  Dolmio white sauce on top of lasagna sheets
  • Spread a handful of chedder cheese on the top
  • Another layer of meat goes next
  • A layer of Lasagna sheets on top
  • Again pour a layer of white sauce and top with cheese
  • Keep repeating the same until the layers come to the brim of the dish.
  • Now, toss a lot of Parmesan cheese on top
  • Finally, sprinkle Mozzarella cheese liberally
  • Stick it in the oven and bake for 30-45 mins
  • After 30 min sneek a peek. If the top has turned into a tempting golden brown, take the dish out
  • Let the dish sit for 10 mins before start serving
  • Cut into squares and dip a spatula to gently lift the pieces up on to plates
  • Serve warm with garlic bread or on its own
  • Delicious!
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2 thoughts on “Lasagne – Delicious in every mouthful, easy to make beef lasagne

  1. Wow! Thank you for that Lasagna – Lasagne explanation. That was enlightening.

    And I love, love LOVE lasagne! Got to try your version next!

  2. Thank you Jayani . Oh yah, at last I got the right word. Layers !!!! So it’s Lasagne . Mhh….. it’s actually a quick fix not the traditional version. But so delicious in every mouthful. Loyd sauces are amazing. Also, ground beef is the best choice. Thanks in heaps

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