chocolate swiss roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll -A Dream Come True Cake!

chocolate swiss roll

choc swiss roll

This is, indeed, a dream come true chocolaty treat!

The super soft sponge, smeared with sweet chocolate butter icing, is simply a divine treat that would melt into your mouth!

Try out the recipe today and you will be amazed at the simplicity of the whole process of making it.

No need of more words, as the mouthwatering picture above, says it all!

So, good luck with your baking!

Get ready with the following ingredients ;

For the cake

 Plain Flour  50 g
 Sugar (white caster or soft brown sugar)  120 g
 Eggs  3
 Baking Powder  1 tsp
 Corn Flour  2 tbsp
 Cocoa Powder  1 & 1/2 tbsp
 Salt  pinch
 Vanilla 1/2 tsp

For the butter icing

 Icing Sugar  200 g
 Margerine or Spread  100 g
 Vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice
 Cocoa Powder  1 & 1/2 tbsp
 Fresh Milk  1 tbsp

Let’s make the cake 

Set the Oven to 180 C

Beat it

  • Seperate the egg whites and yolks carefully. (not even a drop of yolk should be in the whites)
  • Beat the egg whites using an electric hand mixer, in high speed for 2 mins until the egg whites  give peaks

  • Add sugar in three times while beating in high speed for 1 min (Never drop all the sugar at once)

  • Add egg yolks and beat for 2 mins

  • Add chocolate powder, baking powder, corn flour and plain flour together and sieve on to the batter
  • Add salt and vanilla

  • Do not use the electric mixer at this point.  Fold flour using a spatula until the batter comes creamy.

Prepare the tin

  • 12″ x 10″ size swiss roll oven tray is  the right size for the sponge
  • line up with a parchment paper

Prepare the parchment paper for rolling the cake

  • Lay a wide parchment paper on a  kitchen towel
  • Sprinkle granulated sugar and keep it ready for rolling out the cake

Bake it

  • Spread the sponge batter in the tray
  • Lift and drop the tray twice on the kitchen top to evenly settle the batter
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 15 mins or a skewer comes out clean when stabbed in the middle of the cake

Take the cake out of the oven

  • Lay the cake face down on the sugar sprinkled parchment paper
  • Sprinkle some water on to the linining parchement paper, so that it comes out easily.  Peel it off gently

Roll out

  • Now, while the cake is still very warm, roll out with the parchment paper

  • Leave it to cool off completely for 1 hr.

Let’s make the butter icing

  • Mix 200g of icing sugar and 1 & 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder and seive on to 100g of  margerine/spread and beat in high speed for 2 mins
  • Add 1 tbsp of fresh milk,  vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice
  • Beat all together until creamy
  • Chocolate butter icing is ready to use!

(The excess butter icing could be kept in an air tight plastic box in the fridge for future use.  For the next cake, place the icing in the microwave and heat up for 15 seconds to melt it and spread on the cake)

Ice it

  • Once the cake is cooled off,  open it flat on a tray
  • Spread a thick layer of butter icing

  • Roll out gently
  • Dust with icing sugar

  • Roll in a foil and squeeze the ends just like a toffee and leave it in the fridge to set for at least an hour

  • Take out 30 mins before serving
  • Slice with a sharp knife
  • Enjoy!

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