Chocolate Fudge Pudding – Victorian Time Dessert Pudding

Oozing out with sticky chocolate sauce and the melting in the mouth sponginess will easily crown this chocolate fudge pudding, the Queen of all chocolatey desserts! No wonder this pudding was favoured by the Royalty!

While roaming around the streets lined up with old fashioned shops in the Oxford city, I found a collection of centuries-old cookbooks scattered in front of an old book shop. They had such beautiful hand-painted pictures and recipes which were quite basic with simple ingredients put together in an ingenious way to produce glorious dishes fit for the affluent aristocracy during the reign of Queen Victoria.

I did not hesitate to buy the whole stack of books and tried some recipes which came out deliciously well.  This recipe was extracted from one of the pages and must have been a very popular dessert during that time.

Delicious in every mouthful, you can go for a second helping without a trace of guilt, for it has no heavy cream or a great amount of fat.  It’s incredible that the chocolate sauce is purely made with hot water but taste heavenly!

So, let’s try making this yummy treat today and gobble it down like the Royalty!

 Ingredients needed :

Self – raising flour90 g (2/3 cup)
Caster sugar115 g (1 cup)
Butter/Margarine spread115 g (1 cup)
Milk2 tbsp
Cocoa powder2 tbsp heaps
A pinch of salt and a few drops of vanilla 

For the chocolate sauce

Cocoa powder2 tbsp
Soft brown sugar ( you can grind brown sugar and use)115 g (1cup)
Hot water300 ml

 Let’s Start Making :

  • Set the Oven to 180 C

Make the batter

  • Cream butter and sugar together with an electric hand mixer for 3-4 mins
  • Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition
  • Combine flour and cocoa powder and sieve on to the batter
  • Add milk, vanilla and a pinch of salt
  • Mix thoroughly until all come together as a creamy batter
  • Spoon into a wide Pyrex/ovenproof dish
choc pour

Make the chocolate sauce

  • Combine sugar and cocoa in a bowl
  • Add hot water gradually, mixing continuously until it will appear to be a thin chocolate brown liquid
  • Now pour the sauce over the pudding batter very slowly, letting it run across
  • Cover with a foil, leaving an edge open for steam to escape
  • Bake 30  – 40 mins
  • Insert a wooden skewer after 40 mins and if it comes clean, your pudding is done!!
  • Take the dish out of the oven and let it cool completely
  • Spoon a few spoonfuls of the  thick chocolatey sauce that have coated around the sponge
  • Leave to cool completely for 1hr
  • Cover and place in the fridge
  • Serve chilled with a strawberry on the top or a few straws scattered around
  • Yummy !!
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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Pudding – Victorian Time Dessert Pudding

    1. Thank you Joti. Its a chocolaty heaven!! Try it out. You can not go wrong as all the instructions and method given. Pls refer to the tips/techniques under Baking section.

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