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Homemade Bread – Best Homemade Bread With Panasonic Bread Maker

Highly recommend the Panasonic bread machine shown below for best home-baked bread! You just need to add the required ingredients into the bucket given with the machine, set the programme and let the machine take over from there. Once the bread is baked, the beep sound will indicate it or just follow your nose through the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread that fills the house!

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The recipe book

If you love bread, there is no rival for this crusty and beautiful bread that will melt into your mouth!! You will congratulate yourself for investing in this most trustworthy bread maker and will be baking bread and many other bakery products that are fit for the Royalty!

Thankfully, hundreds of bakery recipes could be obtained by downloading the PDF files that are 100% accurate with mouthwatering results!

It’s not only baking bread but also kneading dough into perfection for making pizzas, naans, French bread, doughnuts, cakes etc.   You only have to take the dough out once it’s done and shape it up the way you need and stick it in the oven. Voila!!  The delicious aroma of beautiful, golden bakery products that will come out from the oven can make your neighbour go green with envy!

All thanks to my Panasonic bread machine that has been baking such lovely bread over the past 15 years – and is still baking.

Important : 

For a perfect bread:

  • Remember to use yeast from a newly opened sachet for a loaf of perfect bread.  Old yeast can be a huge disappointment
  • Always use a good brand of bread flour for best results
  • Stick to the exact quantities of the recipe
  • Clean the machine regularly and keep it in a safe place

These are the ingredients needed for a large size white bread: 

Dry yeast1 tsp
Strong white bread flour500 g
Sugar1 tsp
Butter25 g
Dry milk powder1 & 1/2 tsp
Water300 g

Everything goes into the bucket and the bucket, in turn, goes into the bread machine. Programme according to the instructions.  It will carry on the whole process automatically without any assistance or supervision on our part. After 4 hrs, the mouth-watering, baking-bread aroma will waft through the whole house, then the street and beyond. Be ready for a real treat!


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