Aromatic Tea – A very special tea for reviving tired bones

What would cheer you up after a long and busy day?  A cup of tea of course!  A ‘cuppa’, as the British refer to it with such fondness, is a form of therapy, indeed.

Well, this isn’t the traditional British ‘cuppa’ but more related to the Indian style of brewing tea. This tea is sweet, milky and with a subtle blend of cinnamon and cardamoms, which could definitely be the ultimate choice as a comforting beverage revive your tiered bones and relax your mind.

While sipping this tea, you will enjoy the unmistakable aroma spice up your nostrils.  By adding a slice or two ginger into the pan,  will offer you the most needed warmth.

Try this wonderful cuppa couple of tea biscuits and feel the magic!

For two teas you will need :

Fresh milk2 cups
Water1 cup
A stick of cinnamon
Cardamom pods2 crushed
A few slices of ginger
Brown sugar4 tsp

Let’s brew it :

  • Pour the cup of water into a pan and boil
  • Drop the tea bags, cardamom pods, cinnamon and ginger slices
  • Boil for several minutes until the tea is brewed properly
  • Add the two cups of milk
  • Add sugar
  • Boil until milk comes up to the brim of the pan
  • Immediately, lower the flame and let it brew for about 3 mins.  If you prefer a stronger cup of tea, then brew it further 2 mins
  • Strain directly onto cups and serve with tea biscuits
  • Enjoy!

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