About Me

About-page I am from West London, United Kingdom.  I love food and am very particular about the traditional ways, in which they are prepared.

Since I am of an ‘omnivorous’ type, nothing gets in the way, when it comes to experimenting with a good recipe, be it veg, non-veg or anything that falls in between.

Every recipe that I share here with you, has been tested by me for my family or friends many times. The collective admiration prompted me to share them with a wider audience,  without restricting them to a lucky few.

I am determined to add my recipes on regular basis to my website, while offering you a catalog of unique culinary tastes. Since I prefer basic tools to sophisticated machinery in preparing food, in order to preserve the quality handed down to us by our forefathers, I hope lots of people will admire my mission!

When I ‘harassed’ my mom to reveal the secret ingredient that made her dishes so tasty, she just said  it all boils down to one word – love! Prepare them with a real passion for what you are doing, she explained , adds the most vital ingredient to any food dish that you prepare – to you, the family or friends. It is like the secret relationship between the pianist and his or her notes: notes are the same, yet the feeling that the tune instills on the audience does vary from player to player that makes some better than the others.

You may experiment with the recipes, as an element of flexibility is always built into any good recipe.


Manori Abeywardena