banana and walnut cake

Banana And Walnut Cake – Better Than Starbucks’

The fresh taste and scent of bananas and the crunchiness of walnuts in this cake is a real temptation!

In the process of trying to produce something similar to Starbucks’ banana and walnut cake, I ended up creating something far better and simply irresistible.  Also, by adding golden syrup, milk and lemon juice on impulse brought wonders to the flavours!

Over-riped bananas with black patches on the skin are the best for this cake. They are high in flavour and moisture, which in turn gives a delicious scent and taste to this cake.

Over-riped bananas – best for banana cake

Necessary ingredients:

 Over- riped bananas 2 large
 Soft brown sugar 170 g
 Margerine or butter (under room temp) 150 g
 Self-raising flour 225 g
 Eggs 2
 Fresh milk 2 tbsp
 Golden syrup 1 tbsp
 Salt 3 pinches
 Lemon juice 1 tsp
 Bicarbonate of soda 1 & 1/2 tsp
 Walnuts crushed (extra handful for sprinkling on the top) 60 g
Golden syrup 1 tbsp
Let’s make :

Set the Oven to 180 C

Mash the bananas
  • Using a fork gently mash the bananas and keep aside
Cream the batter
  • Cream margerine with sugar using the electric hand or stand mixer
  • Add eggs one at a time,  beating after each addition
  • Beat for 2 mins until creamy
  • Add the mashed banana and beat just one round
  • Add salt and bicarb to flour and sieve on to the batter
  • Add lemon juice and vanilla
  • Add golden syrup
  • Using a wooden spoon or spatula, mix all into a smooth batter
  • Add crushed walnuts and give a good mix with the spoon
Prepare the tray
  • Best choice is the classic loaf tray for this cake
  • Rub butter inside walls of the tray and sprinkle flour until all sides are coated or lay a parchment paper
  • Spoon the batter into a loaf tin
  • Sprinkle a handful of crushed walnuts on the top
  • Place in the  bottom shelf of the oven as this is a very wet cake and needs to be baked nice and slow
  • Bake for 30 – 40 mins or when stabbed with a skewer, it should come clean
  • After 1/2 hr, if the top of the cake is browned but the middle is still soggy, cover the top with a foil paper or baking sheet and bake furthermore
  • After 40 mins stab a skewer into the middle and check if it comes clean
  • Take out of the oven
  • Let the cake rest in the tray itself for 10 mins
  • Take out and wrap with a foil paper and keep until it cools down completely (This will evenly distribute the warmth and make the cake moist)
  • Take a long bread knife and dip it in boiling water for 2 mins. Wipe the water  (This will prevent the cake from crumbling while cutting)
  • Now cut the cake into dainty slices very gently as the walnuts can come between the knife
  • Serve with a hot cup of coffee

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madeira cake

Madeira Cake – A traditional English teatime treat

madeira cake

Madeira cake is a traditional English cake, which was served with a glass of wine in olden times.  It, however,  has become a popular teatime treat across the country nowadays with nostalgic resonance.

You will notice that there is no baking powder or bicarbonate soda in this recipe. Hence, the cake doesn’t rise but gives a soft, yet firmer texture to it.  There are a lot of variations to this cake, but none can beat this simple plain cake with it’s a dainty yellow colour, especially when it teams up with a steaming mug of tea.

Bake this cake in a loaf tin as it gives the cake the shape of a loaf, particularly, the slices look nice and unique in shape.

  What you need to make this :

 Butter220 g
Caster sugar140 g
Self raising flour170 g
Plain flour3
Milk2 tbsp
Lemon juice2 tsp
Salt2 pinches

Let’s make it:

Set the oven to 180 C.

Cream the batter

  • Beat sugar and butter together until creamy
  • Add eggs one by one and beat after each adding

Mix Flour

  • Mix both flours together and swift onto the batter holding the sieve a little above
  • Mix with a wooden spoon, gently folding
  • Add milk, lemon juice and salt
  • Mix with the spoon until all come together into a smooth batter

Pour into the tray

  • Line up a loaf tray and pour the batter into it
  • Give a shake and drop gently onto the kitchen top. This will let the air bubbles to escape and

Place in the Oven

  • Place in the oven and bake for 15-20 mins
  • Remove from the oven, let it sit for 5 mins and remove from the tray
  • Transfer on to a cooling rack


  • Slice with a long knife dipped in hot water and wiped dry.
  • Enjoy with a steaming mug of tea

Important: After 15-20 mins, if the top has already got a nice, golden colour, but the middle of the cake is wet and unbaked (Insert a skewer and check), cover the top loosely with a foil paper, shut the oven door and bake for another 5 mins.  This will allow the middle to be baked and the top to remain as it is.