Lassi – Best summer drink to quench your thirst instantly

Lassi drink

If you have not tasted this divine drink before, do not let this summer pass without tasting it. Or else you will miss a great chance to experience the utmost joy of this silky smooth, icy cold, velvety drink that slithers through your throat, rejuvenating your whole self with an instant effect. I must say that your summer joy is not complete if you have not sipped a glass of Lassi!

So, hurry up, buy a thick, full-fat tub of plain yoghurt or just Greek yoghurt and go home and make Lassi! Spread the joyful news! Stay cool, stay happy throughout the summer!

Lassi, widely used in the Indian subcontinent during the hot summer months, is the most refreshing, smooth yoghurt drink you can think of. kuwait casino

Getting the proportions right is the key to achieving the right consistency of this amazing drink. When added too much water, for example, the silky smooth texture vanishes. If you do not add ice cubes into the blender jar, the churning will not give the right chill. روليت It should all come together in the right proportions to have the most delightful Lassi in your glass!

Even if you are tempted, do not gulp down the whole glass in one go! Just sip slowly and experience the real bliss of this silky smooth drink that instantly cools you down and refreshes you to the core.

Hurry, let’s whiz this up!


Ingredients needed:

Full-fat plain or Greek-style yoghurt or plain curd1 cup
White sugar 2 1/2 tbsp
Cold drinking water1/4 cup
Ice cubes3

Let’s churn it:

  • In a blender jar drop all the ingredients together
  • Blitz on high speed for 1-2 mins. Do not exceed this time to keep the frothy texture
  • Serve immediately with froth on top of the glass
  • Delicious

mango lassi

Mango Lassi – Delicious Summer Delight

mango lassi

Who can resist these honey-like mangoes that are in abundance during summer months?  Eat them fresh and make this heavenly smoothie called “mango lassi” with the rest. Mango lassi is a well-known thirst buster in the Indian subcontinent which acts its way to cool you down within. No other words to describe this feeling than “divine”

If the mango season is over or if you are not so lucky to get hold of fresh mangoes, the best alternative is the mango pulp available in Asian supermarkets which are as good as fresh mangoes.

Juicy mango pulp – available in Asian supermarkets

Making this is super easy as you just have to load everything to the blender jar in one go, including the ice cubes and then process for about 1 min.   Churning with ice cubes enfolds a beautiful texture and overall coolness, so mark it as a must!

You will need :

 Mango pulp 1 cup
 Plain yogurt (Full Fat or Fat Free) add full fat yogurt for a silky texture 1 cup
 Sugar 3 tbsp
 Water 2 cups
 Ice cubes 5

Let’s make it :

  • Drop everything into your blender jar and churn at high speed for 1 min.
  • Serve immediately!
  • Divine!