Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng – Delicious Indonesian Fried Rice

This glorious rice dish belongs to the traditional Indonesian cuisine which has now embraced by other countries in the region has become a culinary star in its own right!

This is just ONE POT dish with multiple flavours and tastes which is the main reason for it to gain such a huge popularity!

Indonesian mothers who used to serve this dish as breakfast by tossing some vegetables and meat with the leftover cold rice from the previous night’s dinner must have never believed that their simple, hurriedly rustled up dish would become one of the most sorted in the whole of South-East Asia, South Asia and beyond!

It’s indeed, a┬ávery clever way to give the leftover rice a scrumptiously flavourful finishing. So, keeping the tradition, even now it is made with pre-cooked cold rice.

Nasi Goreng-Indonesian Fried Rice

Adding prawns to this dish proves to be a perfect culinary ingenuity, as seafood and rice just go so well together. Yet, the secret of the addictive delicious taste and the tempting colour stems from the homemade chilli paste (Recipe is given below). 

The savoury taste of shrimp,  blended with the subtle sweetness of soy sauce and sugar with the right quantities of chilli flakes, ginger and garlic give a delicious twist that no other food enhancer could ever come closer.

Homemade chilli paste for Nasi Goreng

You can make the chilli paste in advance and store it in the fridge for future use.  Also, by preparing chicken, prawns, as well as cooking rice on the previous day, could save a lot of time. Remember, cold rice is best for this dish.

So, Let’s make it;

You will need the following Ingredients:
Basmati rice2 & 1/4 cups
Chicken (cut into bite-size pieces)500 g
Large prawns250 g
Carrots (cut into thin stripes)1 cup
Leeks (thinly cut)1 cup
Onion1 large
Ginger and Garlic ( chopped) 
Green chilli1 large
Sauces : 
Soy sauce3 tbsp
Chilli paste4 tbsp
Sesame oil1 tbsp
Fish sauce (Optional)2 tbsp
Chinese chilli paste3 heaps of tbsp
Chilli sauce, ketchup or oyster sauce (Optional)
Sauces and veggies
Chicken, prawns, scrambled eggs, chilli paste and sauces

1st Step –  Make the Chilli paste

While experimenting on this great taste bud winner, I came across a method to minimize the amount of oil used in it  Instead of deep frying all the ingredients as everyone usually does,  I stir-fried!

Surprisingly,  the taste was supreme, despite not being drenched in oil like many available brands in the shop shelves. Taste this once and you will never buy any supermarket brands.  Make a large batch and fill into a glass bottle and store in the fridge. It will sit in the fridge fresh and aromatic for about a month.

You will need the following ingredients: (You can add more of any of these according to your taste)

Dried shrimp1 cup
Chopped onions1/2 cup
Soy sauce3tbsp
Ginger and garlic chopped2tbsp
Chilli flakes1tbsp

Make it:

  • In 2tbsp of oil, fry the dried shrimp and keep aside
  • Add 1tbsp more oil and fry onions and keep aside
  • Add 1tbsp of oil and fry chilli flakes, chopped ginger and garlic
  • Bring all together and give a good mix
  • Add soy sauce, sugar and salt
  • Add vinegar
  • Check the taste and add more salt and sugar accordingly, until it is just the right flavour you are looking for!
  • Crush all into a paste using a hand blender
  • Your delicious chilli paste is ready!

2nd Step – Chicken and Prawns stir fry

Mix all the following ingredients and marinate Chicken and Prawns. Keep aside for 2 hours (Prepare  this on the previous day to save time)

  • Chilli powder 1tsp
  • Ginger and garlic grated or paste 1 tbsp
  • Soy sauce 1 tbsp
  • Salt and Pepper powder
  • Turmeric 1/2 tsp
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp
  • Stir fry the chicken and prawns keep aside

3rd Step – Scramble the eggs

  • Scramble the 2 eggs with a little salt and pepper and keep aside

4th Step – Prepare the rice(Make this on the previous day and place in the fridge)

  • Wash the rice and leave in a bowl filled with cold water for 20 min
  • Drain water and fill with fresh water just above the rice
  • Add a few drops of oil
  • Cook under medium flame until fluffy
  • Keep aside to cool off completely (Cooked cold rice from the fridge is best for this recipe)

5th step – Let’s fry up all together

  • Slice the carrots, leeks, and onions, slit a green chili, chop garlic and keep aside
  • In a large wok, add 2tbsp of olive oil and saute the onions along with garlic and green chili
  • Add the whites of leek and carrots.  Stir fry until soften
  • Add chicken, prawns and egg scrambled.  Toss a few times and push all to a side
  • Add sauces and rapidly mix under high flame for a short while
  • Add cold rice while rapidly mixing under high flame
  • A few minutes rapid tossing and mixing will bring all together and adjust taste at this point. You can add more salt, chilli paste, soy sauce or vinegar

Your Nasi Goreng rice is ready!

Make a perfect bullseye

  • Drop an egg very gently on to a small frying pan. Cover with a lid and cook under very low flame until done

Serve with delight

  • Scoop enough rice to fill a dome-shaped cup, pres tight and place a plate on the top
  • Turn upside down and release the cup gently
  • You will have a pretty dome of Nasi Goreng in the middle of the plate
  • Serve hot with an egg bullseye placed on the top of the dome