Egg noodles

Best egg noodles recipe – Easy Chinese style Chow mein

Egg noodles - Chow Mein
egg noodles - Chow Mein
Egg noodles - Chow Mein

This delicious Egg Noodle dish is a speedy one-pot or rather a one-wok dish in which, all will come together in just less than half an hour. It is indeed a perfect dinner choice when you do not have time to bother about something elaborate and time-consuming.

The best news is that everybody in the family will get to eat lots of colourful vegetables without a fuss. This dish will taste simply delicious only with just veggies but if you prefer to take the nutrition levels a bit further, you could scatter some halved boiled eggs, some cooked prawns, chicken, or anything you could imagine. My choice is, “Chinese sweet and sour chicken” on a dome of this noodle dish which makes me feel that I am dining at the best Chinese restaurant in town!

If you have time, why not make this glorious sweet and sour chicken dish to go along with your noodles?

Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken – Recipe link:

Rice noodles, pre-boiled noodles, or just egg noodles are perfect for this recipe. Be liberal in dropping all sorts of colorful vegetables to make this dish absolutely healthy and versatile. However, in order to preserve the authentic Chinese taste and appearance, remember to add beansprouts and mangetout and they necessarily be stir-fried in sesame oil. But do not worry if you do not have them, just opt for carrots and leek and if you use sesame oil for frying the taste will not be altered even in a fraction.

Egg noodles - Chow Mein


Egg noodles (Medium)250g
Garlic cloves4
Beansprouts2 handfuls
Carrots2 large
Leek or spring onions
Button mushrooms (optional)1 cup
Soy sauce3tbsp
Oyster sauce2tbsp
Sesame oil for frying3tbsp

Let’s make:

Boil the noodles

  • Boil water – half a large pan
  • Drop noodles. Stir with a form or chopsticks a few times. Let boil
  • Take one noodle strand and check if cooked enough. If so, drop all into a colander. drain water completely
  • Now, hold the colander under the cold tap and wash the noodles thoroughly until no starch remains
  • Keep aside

Prepare the vegetables

  • Cut veggies into cubes or long strips
  • Slice the garlics and cube the onion
  • Take the string off from mangetouts
  • Keep the mushrooms ready

Stir fry all

  • Heat a large wok and add sessame oil
  • Add cubed onion and garlic. Brown them lightly
  • Add the mushrooms. Stir fry them
  • Drop all the veggies and stir fry until they all are soft
  • Add the beansprouts. Continue stir-frying
  • Now add the sauces: Soy and Oyster . Let the sauces boil
  • Drop the noodles
  • Bring the noodles and veggies together with the help of tongs or two forkss
  • Stir fry under high flame for a couple of minutes or until all flavours are combined thoroughly
  • Scatter leeks on top
  • Empty the whole lot on to a large dish, piping hot!
  • Serve immediately with a side dish or some boiled eggs scattered around
  • Tuck in!

Sweet and sour chicken

Best Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe – A popular Chinese delicacy

sweet and sour chicken
Sweet and sour chicken

Try this much healthier and much tastier homemade version of sweet and sour chicken and ditch the takeaway forever! Who wants to spend three times more and eat just a little potion full of MSG, the killer salt in takeaways when you can easily wrap some chicken and veggies together in a delicious sauce and produce the best sweet and sour chicken dish at home? The potion will be ample and more than anything else, you know exactly what you have added to the pot!

The whole process is totally uncomplicated and simple. I have given the full recipe in 3 steps for easy browsing. Start the process by coating the chicken with the batter, deep fry, then make the sweet and sour sauce, stir-fry the veggies and toss all together wrapping in the sauce to produce a mouthwatering, juicy and colourful chicken dish that is good enough to fall in love with!


Ingredients: Vinegar, sugar, honey, salt, tomato sauce
Chicken breasts ( Cut into bite-size pieces) 300g
Ginger and garlic (cut into thin strips)
Vegetable oil (For deep-frying and stir-frying)
A spoon full of sesame seeds and spring onions (for garnishing)
Bell peppers in green, yellow, and red colours1/2 each
Corn flour1 tbsp
Vinegar1/4 cup
Brown sugar3tbsp
Salt and pepper a few pinches
Water1/2 cup
Corn flour2 tbsp
Plain flour 1 cup
Baking powder1tsp
Water1/2 cup or a bit more
Salt and pepper to taste

How to make:

Step 1: Fry the chicken

  • Season chicken with salt and pepper – keep aside
  • Mix plain flour, baking powder and cornflour together
  • Beat the egg with water, salt and pepper and pour into the flour. Make a slightly thick batter
  • Tip all the chicken pieces into the batter
  • Pick one by one with chops sticks or fork and deep fry until crispy and golden. Do not crowd the pan
  • Place on a kitchen paper and keep aside until needed later

Step 2: Make the sauce

  • Add all the ingredients listed under sweet and sour sauce into a pan and simmer gently
  • Check the taste. You can add more sugar, honey or vinegar at this point and adjust the taste according to your preference

Step 3: Fry the vegetables and add in the sauce and chicken

  • Heat some oil. Saute the cubed onion and sliced garlic and ginger
  • Add in the colourful bell peppers
  • Push all the vegetables to a side
  • Now pour in the prepared sweet and sour sauce
  • Let it boil and add in the chicken
  • Sprinkle 1tbsp of cornflour
  • Lower the flame and wrap all together
  • Toss and turn a few times, check the taste and take out from the stove
  • Serve immediately with hot boiled white rice, noodles or Chow Mein
  • Delicious and addictive!
Sweet and sour chicken
King fish fillets deep fried

Fried King Fish Fillets – Golden, crispy fish for a healthy dinner

These fish fillets with golden crispy coating and soft inner flakes taste delicious when served straight out of the frying pan.  A perfectly healthy dinner choice with an assortment of steamed veggies tossed on a dollop of butter. Fresh or frozen King fish  is the best choice for this recipe for its soft flaky texture.

Let’s make the fish fillets:


  • Wash and pat dry and scrape the skin off from the fish fillets
  • Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper
  • Keep aside

Make the batter

  • Mix 1/4 cup of plain flour with water to make a thick batter
  • Add a few pinches of turmeric to give colour little salt
  • In a flat plate, spread a cup of golden breadcrumbs

Dip it / Wrap it

  • Now, dip fish fillets in the batter
  • wrap in the breadcrumbs


  • Deep fry both sides until they turn into golden brown colour
  • Let them rest on a kitchen paper
  • Serve with a wedge of a lemon on the side
  • Best served with steamed veggies to make a hearty and healthy meal

Now prepare the veggies:

Take any choice of veggies, wash and cut them into any shape you prefer. Just peel the garlic cloves. (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green beans, Carrots, Peas, Okra, Cabbage or any other of your favourite vegetable will go just right with this platter)


  • Place all the veggies and garlic cloves in the steamer and steam until the veggies are soft but their colour should be intact.  If you steam a longer time, their natural colours turn dull.

Toss on butter

  • Heat a wide wok and drop a teaspoon of butter and let it melt.
  • Toss the veggies in butter, season them with salt and pepper.
  • Your vegetables are ready!!