About Me

Hi, I am Manori Abeywardena from London, United Kingdom.  

The collective admiration of my dishes by my family and friends prompted me to share them with a wider audience,  without restricting them to a lucky few!💛💚💙💜🤎

💙💜Click on the link below for a string of exciting recipe videos on my YouTube channel and I hope you will admire my mission!

By the way, I must reveal a secret!  One day, I ‘harassed’ my mom to reveal the secret ingredient that made all her dishes so delicious, she just said that it all boils down to one word – love💓💗💖 ! Prepare them with a real passion while adding cups full of love was her simple but million-dollar advice!

I believe that it is like the secret relationship between the pianist and his or her notes: notes are the same, yet the feeling that the tune instills in the audience does vary from player to player depending on the dedication and love put into it.

So, cook, eat, spread the love!


Manori Abeywardena

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