Best Homemade Pizza – With Secret Italian style sauce

Let’s make an outstanding Italian style pizza with a merry assortment of vegetables, mushrooms, chicken, and salami topped with the best quality mozzarella cheese to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. You can opt for tuna in place of chicken.

The Italian pizza sauce used in this recipe was passed on to me by an Italian Chef friend a couple of years ago and ever since I have been making such gorgeous pizzas at home! Now that the secret is revealed, you too can enjoy authentic Italian style pizzas at home!

Dough: My bread machine makes the dough so there is no hassle in sweating over kneading the dough.   If you do not have a bread machine or a kneading machine, you can simply buy a frozen pizza base from supermarkets or making it from scratch which can give you the best of flavours and full credit to the glorious outcome!

Ingredients needed  For two large size pizzas;

🍕Step 1: Let’s make the dough: * 2 Recipes are given for dough machines and hand kneading

This recipe is for those who make the dough using a bread machine, food processor, any other dough making machine

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Dough is made and proved to perfection by the bread machine


Strong white bread flour600 g
Sugar1 tbsp
Milk powder2 tbsp
Dry yeast1tsp
Salt2 tsp

🍕If you have got a bread machine, just add all the ingredients in the bucket and switch on to DOUGH OPTION

🍕The dough will be ready in 45min

🍕Take it out from the bucket and flatten on 2 pizza baking trays

🍕Leave until the dough proves up to double the size

🍕Spread the sauce

🍕Arrange the toppings

🍕Bake under 180C for 25-30 mins or fully baked!

🍕Super easy!

Knead with the hand:


Plain flour500 g
Sugar1 tsp
Milk powder1/2 cup
Water1/2 cup warm
Dry yeast2tsp
Salt1/2 tsp
  • Pour 1/2 cup of warm water gradually onto dry yeast and mix thoroughly.  Keep aside
  • Break the egg into the 1/2 cup of milk and whisk
  • Add sugar, butter and salt to the milk and egg and combine all together
  • Now pour over the flour. Knead until all come together as a ball and no longer sticking onto your fingers. If you need a bit more water to get the right texture of the flour, add a little more warm water
  • Cover with a cling film and keep at a warm place for 2 – 3 hrs until it’s ready to roll out for pizza

🍕Step 2: Let’s make the Italian Sauce: Mix all these and place in the fridge for 1hr


Pasta1 pkt (300 g)
Onion granulates1 tsp
Runny honey1tsp
Dried herbs
Oregano (dried)2tsp
Majoram (dried)1/2 tsp
Runny honey1tsp
Onion granulates1tsp
Paprika powder1tsp
Black pepper1/2 tsp
Salt1/2 tsp
Grated Padano cheese  2 tbsp (grated)
Pecorino Romano Cheese2tbsp
Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese to toss on the top 
  • 🍕Mix them all thoroughly, cover and store in the fridge for 1hr

All the cheese varieties needed

🍕Step 3: Make the chicken topping

Chicken tandoori topping : 

  • Mix chicken breast cut into bite-size pieces with olive oil, a little chilli powder, cumin powder, lemon juice, salt
  • Keep aside a few minutes
  • Stir fry in 1tbsp of olive oil until done

Tuna topping :

  • Mix canned tuna or fresh with a bit of salt and pepper and scatter on the pizzas
  • A few chopped green chillies will give a warm, fiery taste with tuna topping

Pepperoni topping :

  • You can simply spread a handful of pepperoni for an easier choice

Veggies :

  • Slice mushrooms, red onions, red, green, and orange bell peppers
  • Drain the brine water from the pitted whole olives bottle
  • Cherry tomatoes halved for a more colourful pizza
  • Cheese and more cheese please – Mozerella and Parmesan are the best choices

🍕Step 4: Dressing the pizzas

Have fun doing this with kids!

  • Take the Pizza sauce out of the fridge, give a good stir and pour evenly on two pizza bases
  • Toss veggies.  You can add a thinly sliced green chilli for a fiery taste!!
  • Sprinkle tuna or  tandoori chicken pieces
  • Spread all bell peppers
  • Drop cherry tomatoes
  • Toss olives green and black both and sliced onions
  • On top sprinkle lots and lots of  grated Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese
  • Finally, sprinkle Padano grated cheese for an enhanced flavour
  • Done!

🍕Step 5: Bake

  • Bake in the preheated oven under 200C in the middle of the oven for 15 min or until the top of the pizza gets golden brown
  • Take out the top pizza if it is ready and place the bottom one on the top shelf for further 5mins

 A mouth-watering aroma will let you know the pizzas are ready!

Time to tuck in

  • Once, taken out of the oven, let the pizza rest for a while before running the roller through
  • Enjoy!

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