Chilli shrimp paste

chilli Paste – best taste enhancer with just 4 tbsp of oil

Chilli paste
Chinese chilli paste

Hello chilli lovers, let’s meet every pantry must-have taste enhancer! This special spice and chilli blend will instantly enhance the flavours of fried rice, noodles or any stir-fries! We know that dried shrimps have a distinct flavour and in this recipe, it is being roasted in oil and blended with dried chillies and onions along with sauces in perfect proportions to win everyone’s taste buds!

Now, this will be a piece of good news for all the healthy eaters; While experimenting on this great taste bud winner, I came across a superb way to minimize the amount of oil used in it.  Instead of deep-frying all the ingredients as everyone usually does, I stir-fried, using only four tbsp of oil, while keeping the taste perfectly intact! Wonders of wonders, really!

Surprisingly,  the taste was supreme, despite not being drenched in oil like many available brands on the shop shelves.  I am pretty sure that if you taste this delicious chilli paste once, you will never buy any supermarket brands which has no real shrimp taste. Absolute fake!

I suggest that you make a large batch and fill a large glass bottle and store in the fridge. It will sit in the fridge fresh and aromatic for over three months.

So, let’s make it!

Ingredients needed:

Dried shrimp1 cup
Chopped onions1/2 cup
Soy sauce3/4tbsp
Ginger and garlic chopped2tbsp
Chilli flakes1tbsp

You will need the following ingredients: (You can add more of any of these according to your taste)

Let’s make

  • Heat 2tbsp of oil, fry the dried shrimp and keep aside
  • Add another 1tbsp oil and fry chopped onions and keep aside
  • Add the third tbsp of oil and fry chilli flakes, chopped ginger and garlic
  • Bring all together and give a good mix
  • Add soy sauce, sugar and salt
  • Pour in vinegar
  • Check the taste and add more salt and sugar accordingly, until it is just the right flavour you are looking for!
  • Crush all into a paste using a hand blender
  • Your delicious chilli paste is ready!
  • Store in an air-tight glass jar and place in the fridge

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