Tuti fruiti cake

Steamed Tutti Fruiti Cake – Delicious Sponge Cake Steamed In The Rice Cooker

This delicate sponge cake with the sweet bite of tutti fuiti pieces makes it hard to resist treat!

Tutti fruitis, meaning, ‘all fruits’ in Italian, are usually chopped candid fruits. Their rich red and green colours and subtle fruity flavours contribute to a very tempting look on ice creams, jellies or cakes.

The best news about this cake is that it is steamed in the rice cooker, not baked in the oven like conventional cakes, which collectively account for its irresistible, spongy texture. You can use the usual steamer too, but if you have a rice cooker, the process is so much easier, as you just have to pour water, close the lid and set the “COOK” button on. In less than 30 mins, your juicy cake will be ready to devour!

So, let’s get started,

You need the following ingredients:

 Self raising flour 100 g
 Melted butter or Margarine 100 g
 Eggs 2
 Sugar 100 g
 Salt 3 pinches
 Yellow cake colour (Optional) 2 drops
 Baking powder1/4 tsp
 Vanilla 2 drops
Milk1 tbsp
Tuti fruiti (red, yellow and green)
You can add red and green glazed cherries,
dusted in flour in place of tuti fruiti
1 tbsp each colour

Let’s make :

Cream the batter

  • Beat butter and sugar together in a bowl until creamy
  • Add eggs one at a time and beat until frothy
  • Sieve flour, salt and baking powder together on to the bowl
  • Add yellow cake colour, vanilla and milk
  • Combine everything with a wooden spoon until a creamy batter is formed
  • Dust tuti fruiti pieces with flour and add to the batter
  • Mix just one round
  • Your batter is ready!

Place in a dish

  • Rub butter all-around a pie dish or a round cake tin that would fit the steamer in the rice cooker
  • Spoon the batter into it

Steam it

  • Fill the rice cooker with water little less than half
  • Place the steamer section and on top of it place the cake tray
  • Close the lid and set to COOK mode
  • Check after 1/2 hr with a wooden skewer stabbed in the middle of the cake.  If the skewer comes sticky with cake batter, close the lid and let the cake steam away another 15 mins
  • Once the cake is steamed properly, take the tray out and let it rest for 5 mins
  • Your cake is ready!
  • Enjoy!

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