Thosa With Creamy Tomato Curry And Green Sambol


Thosa is a big peg of South-Indian cuisine jigsaw and has been quite popular in the Indian sub-continent and beyond.

They are made from a combination of Urind flour and Rice flour with an unquestionable potential for a healthy meal. Green chili coconut chutney and tomato gravy is the best accompaniments in order to make the meal an unforgettable culinary feast.

Ingredients needed;

Urind whole1/2 cup
Basmati rice (raw)2 cups
Fenugreek sees1/2 tsp
Onions1 medium
Curry leaves, a few red chili whole, garlic chopped
Saltto taste
Bicarbonate of soda3 pinches

 Let’s make:

Soak Urind and Rice

  • Wash and place both Urind, Basmati rice and fenugreek seeds in a wide bowl and fill it with water at least two levels above the grains.
  • Leave it overnight – uncovered.  If you cover, the grains become slimy.

Grind to a paste

  • Next day morning, drain the water and grind the grains into a smooth paste using a glass or two lukewarm water


  • Place it in a wide bowl, cover with a tea towel and then a heavy lid on top
  • Let it ferment near your stove, where enough heat generates during other cooking


  • Around 5 p.m. open the lid and mix more warm water, a tsp or two salt and 2 pinches of bicarb
  • Close the lid again.  Let it rest

Let’s make Thosa

  • Around 7pm your batter is ready to make Thosa
  • Now, make the tempering that will enhance the taste and aroma

Cut the onion into small pieces, crush curry leaves, break red chili whole into small pieces and shake off the seeds, cut a garlic clove into small pieces, keep ready 1/4 tsp of mustard seeds ready.

Heat up 2 tbsp of oil in a frying pan and toss mustard seeds first.  Let it crackle and toss the rest .  Let all fry and turn into brown colour.  Be careful not to burn them.  Now pour everything on to the batter and give a good stir.

  • Heat up a flat non-stick pan and spray oil on to it
  • Take a ladle full and slowly drop it on the pan and quickly spread it around the pan with  the back of the spoon being careful not to let the spoon touch the bottom of the pan
  • Bake both sides until golden
  • Place all cooked ones on a foil sheet

Make the accompaniments

Tomato curry 

tomato curry

How to make;

  • Chop two large juicy tomatoes and a large onion
  • Heat up oil in a pan, crackle some mustard seeds
  • Add curry leaves and the chopped onion. Brown them
  • Add salt, chili powder, a little curry powder, turmeric and continue stir frying
  • Add chopped tomatoes and a slit green chili, stir fry until all comes together as thick
  • Pour water, about 1 and a 1/2 cup.  Mix all, cover and cook under medium flame
  • After 3-4 mins cooking , open the lid and mix 2 tbsp of Maggi coconut milk powder or fresh coconut milk-thick version.  Stir, cover and lower the flame
  • Cook under low flame about 3 mins until the gravy becomes thick and aromatic
  • Spread some crushed curry leaves on top
  • Sprinkle two pinches of brown sugar.  Adding sugar will beautifully balance the flavours in this gravy
  • Done!!

Green Sambol

green chili sambol

How to make;

  • Place two chopped green chilies, Some crushed curry leaves, a handful of fresh coconut, chopped half an onion, salt and crush all together using a hand blender
  • Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Adjust the taste
  • Ready!

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