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Full meal – Fish and Chips with green peas

Fish and chips, a much loved take away meal of the working class in England, originally served wrapped in old newspapers, was indeed a nostalgic memory for those who have tasted it.

During the time, when the working-class diet was bleak and unvaried, fish and chips came as a tasty break from the norm and a pay-day treat.  Over the years, it has won the hearts of the rich and poor alike and now one of the most sorted dishes in upmarket restaurant chains too.

My several attempts to produce something reasonably closer to what the pubs in England serve,  turned out to be a mouthwatering success! I used sparkling water instead of beer to produce a beautiful bubbly batter for fish, keeping in mind that it must be kids friendly too.

For best results,  I recommend Codfish with its natural flavours and flaky texture.  Plaice or Haddock could also be used in place of Cod with considerably satisfying flavours. Also, make sure you store sparkling water in the fridge until needed as chilled water helps to bring out the best bubbly batter.

My Amazon picks:

Make sure you serve the fish straight out of the frying pan to keep its best taste, mouthwatering flavours and texture intact.

So, let’s Fish and Chips for dinner tonight.

You will need the following ingredients;

Cod/Haddock/Plaice4 fillets (defrosted or fresh)
Plain flour1 cup and 1/2 more to dust the fish
Salt1 tsp
Ground pepper powder1 tsp
Baking powder1/2 tsp
Sparkling water – chilled
(straight from the fridge)
 1 small bottle
Oil to deep fry 

Let’s make it:

Prepare the fish

  • Defrost fish, pat dry with a kitchen towel, sprinkle salt and pepper  and keep aside

Make the batter

  • Place the cup of plain flour in a bowl and add a little salt, pepper and baking powder
  • Then, gradually pour sparkling water onto it, while whisking the flour until it becomes a thick runny batter

Deep fry

  • Next, using tongs,  dip the flour-coated fish fillet in the batter and shake off the excess
  • Deep fry in hot oil, turning both sides under medium flame
  • Remove from oil when the fish turns into golden brown
  •  Place on a kitchen towel briefly to drip off the excess oil and serve immediately with ketchup, oven-baked chips and boiled green peas
  • Enjoy the best ever Fish and Chips!!

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