Therapeutic Tea – A very special tea for reviving tired bones

What would cheer you up after a long and tiring day?  A cup of tea of course!  A ‘cuppa’, as the British refer to it with such fondness, is indeed a form of therapy.

My favourite PG Tips!

Well, what I am presenting here is not the traditional British ‘cuppa’ but more related to the Indian style of brewing tea. This is a sweet, milky version of tea with a subtle blend of spices; cloves, cinnamon and cardamoms that could be the ultimate choice as a comforting beverage to revive your tired bones, rather a therapy to relax you mentally and physically.

While sipping this tea, you will enjoy the unmistakable aroma of spices and adding a slice or two of ginger into the pan will offer the warmth you desire most.

I use PG Tips tea bags to make this tea as they have been my favourite for the past 20 years. I was very pleased to hear the wonderful news that PG Tips have made their tea bags biodegradable to support the environment. Hats off to their very timely, environmental friendly move.😊

So, let’s try this wonderful cup of tea with a couple of tea biscuits and feel the real magic!

For two teas you will need :

PG Tips teabags2
Fresh milk2 cups
Water1 cup
A stick of cinnamon
Cardamom pods2 crushed
A few slices of ginger
Brown sugar4 tsp (2tsp for each cup)

Let’s brew it :

  • Pour the cup of water into a pan and boil
  • Drop the tea bags, cardamom pods, cinnamon, cloves and ginger slices
  • Boil for several minutes until the tea is brewed properly
  • Add the two cups of milk
  • Add sugar
  • Boil until milk comes up to the brim of the pan
  • Immediately, lower the flame and let it brew for about 3-5 mins
  • Strain directly into cups and serve with tea biscuits
  • Enjoy!