Cotton cake

Cotton chiffon cake – The fluffiest cake in the world

Cotton Chiffon cake
Cotton cake

In this recipe, I would present the fluffiest, spongiest cake in the world, which will win your heart instantly! The best feature of this cake is its amazing sponginess; you squeeze it from sides and it bounces back to its original shape as sponge-like magic! اين انتقل كريستيانو رونالدو Believe me, it is a pure joy to watch this happen! لعبة عبر الانترنت You must try this recipe and experience the joy of holding such a spongy and delicate piece of cake before popping it into your mouth. And then, your tastebuds will sing songs!

I have given the whole process in 5 steps, in order to make it easier for a novice or a busy baker. Just go through the whole recipe while making mental notes about generally how it should be done. بنجو Then, it’s very simple to follow the steps in order. Believe me, next time you will bake this with closed eyes!

Ingredients needed:

Plain Flour 60g
Corn flour25g
Caster sugar120g
Double cream or Fresh milk2tbsp
Vegetable oil4tbsp
Baking powder1tsp
Lemon juice1/2tsp
Green liquid food colour1/8tsp

Let’s make:

Pre-heat the oven to 160C

1st Step

  • Mix both plain flour, cornflour, baking powder, and salt together. Sieve the flour holding the siever from above for air to escape. This will make the cake very soft and spongy
  • Separate egg whites and yolks carefully and place in two different bowls

2nd Step

  • Whisk egg yolk with a balloon hand mixer or a fork until frothy
  • Drop 1/2 of sugar and mix
  • Add oil and whisk
  • Add double cream or milk and whisk for a few minutes
  • Now add the flour mixture and fold all comes together

3rd Step

  • Beat egg whites rapidly using an electric hand mixer until soft peaks form (this will take up to 4mins)
  • Add lemon juice and the other half of sugar in three steps while beating

4th Step

  • Fold egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture
  • Now mix green food colour to the water and add-in
  • Bring all together folding gently
  • Bake for 25mins or until a skewer comes clean when stabbed into the middle
  • Take the cake out and leave to cool completely

5th Step

  • Slice the cake in the middle using a long knife
  • Ice the cake with buttercream icing (Recipe link is given below)
  • Sandwich both slices and place in the fridge or you can slice the cake and serve straight away
  • (When the cake comes out of the fridge it is easier to slice into dainty slices)
  • Enjoy!

Please find the buttercream icing recipe by clicking the link below:

Black forest cake

Best Black forest cake – Easy recipe – using cocktail cherries

Black forest cake
cocktail cherries


Self-raising flour or plain flour315g
Corn flour1 1/2 tbsp
Baking powder2 tsp
2 1/2 tsp if plain flour is used
Bicarbonate of soda powder1 tsp
Cocoa powder1/4 cup or 30g
Salt1/4 tsp
Vegetable oil1/2 cup
Nescafe 2 tbsp
Hot water1/2 cup
Lemon juice1 tsp
Heavy cream/Double cream/ Whipped cream2 cups or 300ml
Icing sugar1 cup or 150ml
Dried milk powder1 tbsp
Vanilla essence 1tsp
Water10 tbsp
Sugar10 tbsp
Morello cherry1 bottle
Dark chocolates1 bar

It was indeed a dream come true; the thrilling experience I had while admiring my gorgeous Black Forest Cake was beyond description.

This felt like quite a daunting task, some months before. However, after a few days of dreaming about making this beauty, I later realised, that it is just a matter of making two simple chocolate sponge cakes, soaking them with sugar and cherry syrup, cover with whipped cream frosting, and pat with dark chocolate shavings. Not so daunting when your grit, coupled with passion, is on track, after all!

To make the whole process easier and less stressful, I used cocktail cherry in cherry syrup, instead of making the same with fresh cherries. Cherries are seasonal fruits and in some months fresh ones are not available in supermarkets. Also, in tropical countries, cherries are hard to find. Hence, I guess, using cocktail cherries in this recipe is very practical and in turn, the cherry syrup in the bottle gives an addictive deep flavour to the cake as well as the cherry liqueur soaked cherries are equally addictive.

Gather all the necessary ingredients and proceed with confidence. Opt for a relaxed time during which you will not get distracted. Follow all the steps methodically and voila! Black Forest Cake will be in front of you in no time! Trust me, you will love the ultimate goal!

Let’s start making this beautiful cake;

  1. Bake the cake

Whisk egg yellows

  • Separate the eggs (Even a tiny drop of egg yellow could spoil the batter, so be very careful while separating the eggs)
  • Whisk the egg yellows until frothy
  • Add oil. Continue whisking
  • Add 1/2 the amount of sugar and whisk until the sugar dissolves. Keep the other 1/2 of sugar
  • Pour the 1/2 cup of hot water into 2 tbsp of Nescafe and make coffee. Let cool. Add to the egg yellow and whisk gently
  • Sift flour with cocoa powder, salt, baking powder and bicarb. Add into the egg yellow mixure and combine all together
  • Mix all together until a smooth batter is formed

Beat the egg whites

  • Drop the egg whites into a clean and dry bowl (Any wetness in the bowl will not allow the egg whites to stiff well)
  • Beat on high speed until heavy and stiff ( Pls see the picture above)
  • Add in the remaining 1/2 of sugar in three times while beating on high speed
  • Drop 1tsp of lemon juice
  • Beat a few rounds and keep aside

Combine both

  • Now, pour the egg white mixture into the egg yellow mixture and gently combine until everything incorporates producing a smooth batter

2) Into the oven

two trays of this size are perfect
  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 C for 10mins
  • Line up two round trays
  • Divide the batter and pour into the trays
  • Place the trays on a wide rectangle tray filled with water
  • Place it in the oven and gently close the oven door (do not bang the oven door shut as the cakes can drop from the middle)
  • Bake for 20-25mins
  • Stab a skewer into the middle of the cakes. If the skewer comes out clean the cakes are ready. If not, leave 5 more mins in the oven
  • Take out from the oven and let cool on a cooling rack

3) Make the sugar syrup

  • Mix 10 tbsp of sugar and 10 tbsp of water and make the sugar syrup

4) Make the Frosting

  • Keep all the ingredients needed for frosting on the work top. Double cream should be taken out of the fridge just before using it. Chilled double cream makes beautiful snow like peaks
  • Take a clean, dry bowl. Wipe clean if any wetness is left. Pour in the 2 cups of chilled double cream
  • Beat on high spead until the cream turns thick and stiff
  • Add the icing sugar in three times and continue beating for 2-3 mins
  • When the pins are lifted they must hold beautiful stiff peaks. Stop beating
  • Add in milk powder and lemon juice
  • Beat a couple of rounds and check the taste. If the sweetness is not enough, you can add a bit more icing sugar and mix
  • Cover the bowl with a cling film and refridgirate until needed

5) Decorate the cake

  • Peal off the baking paper of completely cooled cakes. Try baking the cakes on the previous day
  • If the sides and the tops of the cakes are hard and crusty, scrape them off neatly. Otherwise its perfectly alright to take the cakes as they are
  • Now stab both cakes all over with a skewer and make several tiny holes
  • Pour the sugar syrup all over both cakes
  • Now pour the cherry syrup/liquer in the bottle of cocketail cherry on to both cakes liberally
  • Place one cake on the cake stand. Cover with the frosting. Place cocktail cherries around and in the middle
  • On top place the other cake
  • Pour some cherry syrup/liquer from the bottle of Cocktail cherry
  • Cover the top and around with the frosting
  • Fill some of the frosting into a piping bag and using the rose nostle make a dainty line of roses
  • Place a cherry on each rose
  • Shave the dark chocolate with a vegetable peeler and pat on the sides of the cake
  • Done!
  • Place the cake in the fridge overnight or at least 3hrs before serving
  • Enjoy!
black forest cake


  • Make sure you buy the best brands of all the ingredients in order to produce best results
  • Place all the ingredients on the work top to make the process easier and quicker
  • Read the recipe a couple of times and make a mental note of the steps
  • Always opt for a peaceful time for baking because just one little step forgotten, the whole effort will be spoilt
  • Do not pre-heat the oven too long. Upto 15mins is more than enough. And also, never bang the oven door after placing the cake inside. The air inside will get disturbed and make the cake to flop from the middle
  • Before frosting/icing the cake always make sure the cake is completely cooled. Bake the cakes on the previous day to save a lot of time and energy.
victoria sponge cupcakes

Best Victoria Sponge cupcakes – filled with Buttercream icing and jam

Victorian  sponge cupcakes

Let’s start

Make these yummy cupcakes and spread the joy around! It’s indeed a joy to find a cherry sitting on the creamy butter icing well, beneath the half-opened flap!

Kids will go crazy with the sight of this most inviting delicious treat! No assurance is needed to testify the out-of-this-earth taste of these. And the good news is that they are super easy to make too!

As a matter of fact, this is the same recipe as the classic Victoria Sponge cake which is the most sorted cake in Britain. The only difference is that instead of one cake there are many cupcakes with the same taste. More giggles and more joy to follow with each one of them!

Please click the link below for the full step by step recipe for Victoria Sponge cake:

Victorian sponge cake
Victoria Sponge cake
Link for Vic Sponge Cake

Equipment: You will need some cupcake cases and a muffin tray. To fill the cupcakes, you need to opt for the best strawberry or raspberry jam. Making the buttercream icing to the right consistency is also equally important to achieve the best taste.

So, let’s, begin,

What you will need

For the cake

Self Raising flour / Cake flour200 g
Margarine or melted butter under room temperature200 g
Caster sugar200 g
Eggs under room temp3
Milk3 tbsp
Lemon juice and Vanilla essence1/4  tsp each
Salt3/4 pinches
Baking powder (if you are using plain flour add 1/2tsp)1/4 tsp

For the Buttercream icing

Icing sugar200g
lemon juice3/4 drops
Vanilla essence1tsp
Milk (optional)1tbsp

Make the batter

  • Cream butter and sugar together until smooth and creamy,  using an electric hand mixer.  Go clockwise  (3 – 4 mins)
  • Add eggs, one at a time. Make sure you beat  after each addition ( Beat 3/4 rounds after each addition)
  • Add vanilla essence,  lemon juice, salt, milk and whisk two rounds(1min) 
  • Mix baking powder to flour and sieve onto the cake batter
  • Fold the flour gently with a wooden spoon until everything comes together as a creamy batter

Preheat the oven to 180C for 20mins. Do not exceed this time. If your oven heats up too soon, set it for 160C.

Fill the cupcake cases up

silicon cupcake cases are re-usable and you can remove the cake from the case
  • Fill cupcake cases with the batter leaving little space on the top for the cake to rise
  • Place the filled cupcake cases in a muffin tray
  • Lift up the tray and drop it twice onto your kitchen-top gently, allowing the batter to spread and settle evenly on the try

Into the tray

  • Place the tray in the middle/bottom shelf of the oven and slowly close the oven (If your oven heats up too soon, set the temp. for 160 C degrees and bake the cake on the lowest shelf)
  • Bake for 20 mins or the tops of the cupcakes turns golden. After 20 mins, insert a skewer into the middle of one cupcake and if it comes clean,  your cakes are ready

Important tips: Oven

Place the tray with cakes in the oven and close the door very gently. If the door is shut with a bang, the cakes can slump in the middle

Never open the oven door during the initial 10mins as the cakes might not rise but drop from the middle

If the cakes are browned on the top but soggy in the middle, do not worry, simply place parchment paper on top of the cakes and continue baking for a further 10 mins

Out of the oven

  • Take the tray out of the oven and let it rest for 10 mins
  • Remove the cupcakes and let them cool off on a wire rack
  • Meanwhile, whip up the butter icing

Frosting the cake

Whip up the buttercream icing:

  • Cream up margarine and gradually add sieved icing sugar. Beat on high speed until smooth and creamy using an electric hand mixer
  • Add lemon juice, vanilla and milk. Beat a few rounds
  • Buttercream icing is ready to use!

Ice the cakes:

  • Slice the top of some cupcakes
  • Spread a generous dollop of jam
  • Smear buttercream on jam
  • Cover with the sliced top
  • Dust with icing sugar
  • Yummy!
  • For a change, you can dig in the middle of some cupcakes and make a well
  • fill the well with jam and then buttercream
  • Close with the removed crust
  • Dust with icing sugar
  • Yum!

Serve at the afternoon tea-time and enjoy!

Chocolate Sponge Cake – No electric mixer – Easy recipe

Chocolate sponge cake - No electric mixer
Chocolate sponge cake

I am not surprised if you feel too lazy to take out all the necessary equipment to fix a cake sometimes, worrying about all the washing and wiping would be waiting!

So, why not try this recipe to save your day! Just call this, a ‘lazy cake’ because you don’t have to use the electric mixer or the mixing bowl at all. Instead, you just have to cook all the ingredients in a pan. The batter comes out creamy and silky smooth and bakes a super moist and incredibly delicious cake ever! para que serve a medicao ivermectina 6mg You don’t have to ice this cake because it is perfect as it is.

This cake cannot go wrong, so do not worry. Just relax and fold the ingredients together and pop the batter into the oven. ivermectina resultados I baked this cake under 160C instead of the usual 180C given the fact that the batter is a little too runny and also to achieve a more moist texture in the cake.

Tip: If the top of the cake is already browned and the middle is undercooked, cover the top with a baking sheet or just a blank sheet and cook further 10 minutes

Ingredients needed:

Self-raising flour200g
Margarine or butter200g
Cocoa powder2tbsp
Salt3 pinches
Baking powder1/2tsp

Let’s make it:

Set the oven to 160 C

  • In a pan heat butter until melted and add sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves and add milk
  • In another pan heat water and add cocoa powder and salt. Stir under low flame until cocoa powder blooms. Pour into the pan with butter and sugar and give a good mix
  • Beat eggs with a fork until frothy and add to the pan
  • Add flour and baking powder together and drop to the pan.
  • Mix all together until a smooth batter is formed
  • It is this easy you see!
  • Now that all have come together as a runny batter, pour into a lined tray with parchment paper (If the batter has lumps, send through a sieve and pour into the baking tray
  • Bake in the bottom shelf of the oven for 30 mins or until a skewer comes out clean when stabbed in the middle
  • Once out of the oven, cover the top of the tray with a tea towel and let the cake cool off completely
  • Once cooled, take out of the tray and cut into dainty pieces. To achieve the best results, dip the knife in boiling water and wipe clean
Butterscotch cake

Butterscotch Cake – best cake to celebrate A Special Occasion

Drenched in delicious butterscotch sauce and generously sprinkled crunchy Praline on top of the subtly sweet cream frosting, make this cake absolutely heavenly! There is no doubt that the sensational butterscotch sauce and the butterscotch Praline contribute to the glorious taste of this cake and make sure you get the taste and the consistency right while making them both.

You might find the recipe quite daunting with a long list of ingredients and an equally long list of instructions. However, if you get organized in advance, it is not a cumbersome task to assemble everything together. To make the whole procedure easy to follow, I have given the recipe in steps along with relevant pictures.

You just need to read through the recipe and jot down all the ingredients needed. Once the ingredients are gathered, it’s just a matter of organizing the whole process and getting to baking!

Happy Baking!

With Cherries

Important tips :

  • Make the Praline and butterscotch sauce a day or two in advance and place in the fridge
  • Make the cakes on the previous day and store in an air-tight box or wrap in a cling film
  • Make the frosting on the previous day and store in the fridge
  • Wash the fruits and keep ready on a side
  • Place the mixer pins in the freezer and make sure the mixing bowl is dry
  • Everything is ready in advance means, the remaining tasks are super easy for you!

Step1. Make the Butterscotch sauce

Ingredients needed:

Double cream1/2 cup
Sugar1/2 cup / 100g
Butter/Margarine1/4 cup / 50 g
Milk1 tbsp
Salt2 pinches
  • Heat sugar in a pan until golden brown
  • Add butter. Gradually while stirring continuously
  • Add cream little by little and add salt. Then add milk
  • Keep stirring until the sauce is thick and runny (10-15mins)
  • Pour into a glass jar and let it cool
  • Tip: If the sauce goes too thick either microwave for 30 seconds or a little more or pour 1 tbsp of hot water and mix thoroughly

Step 2. Make the two round cakesdiameter 20cm or 8 inches

Always bake two cakes and sandwich them which gives a considerable height and a prominent look to the finished cake.

Ingredients needed:

Caster sugar250 g
Margarine / Butter250 g
Self-raising flour250 g
Milk1/4 cup
Baking powder1 tsp
Salt3 pinches
Lemon juice1/2 tsp
Butterscotch sauce2-3tbsp
  • Set the oven to 180C – Must pre-heat at least 10-15 mins
  • Beat Sugar and Margarine together, using an electric hand mixer until creamy – (3 mins )
  • Add eggs one by one and beat after each addition (1 min after each egg)
  • Pour in butterscotch sauce and beat one round
  • Swift flour with baking powder and add. Mix with a wooden spoon
  • Add salt and lemon
  • Pour in milk
  • Combine all together until a creamy batter is formed
  • Divide into 2 equal parts and bake in two round trays (Trays must be lined with parchment paper)
  • Once baked, let the trays rest for 5 mins and take the cakes out and leave to cool on a wire rack
  • Your cakes are ready!

Step 3. Make Praline

Butterscotch sauce and Praline triangles
Crushed Praline and Praline Triangles

Ingredients needed:

peanuts (no husk)100 g
Sugar160 g
Butter1 tbsp
Salt3 pinches
  • Dry roast peanuts until crunchy
  • Grind roughly
  • Heat sugar until golden brown – Stir only with a rubber spatula. Do not use metal or wooden spoons
  • Add butter and salt . Melt
  • Immediately, add peanuts
  • Quickly mix with a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon
  • Immediately, take off from heat, flatten on a buttered tray and let cool
  • Cut a few triangles and keep them for decorating the cake
  • Place the rest in a bag and crush using a rolling pin or a bottle
  • Store in a jar until needed
  • Your Praline is ready!

Step 4. Make the Cream Frosting

The right consistency of Frosting – Peaks!

Most importantly the mixing bowl and mixer pins should be cold and dry. Double cream should be taken straight from the fridge ( Ideally, place the mixer pins in the freezer for 5 mins for best results)

Ingredients needed:

Double cream / Whipping cream250 ml
Icing sugar4 tbsp
Strawberries or Cherries for decorating
  • Beat double cream until thick (2 mins)
  • Add icing sugar gradually (ideally in three steps)
  • Beat until snowy peaks foam
  • Store in the fridge until needed

Step 5. Assemble the Cakes

  • Scrape off tops from both cakes
  • Stab the cakes in several places and make small holes, using a skewer
  • Mix 3 tbsp of butterscotch sauce and 1 tbsp water and pour over cakes
  • Drop a spoon of frosting in the middle of a round cake stand and place one round cake on it (this will make the cake stay steady on its place)
  • Smear a generous dollop of frosting on the top
  • Place the other round cake on top of it and sandwich both cakes
  • Smear frosting on the top and sides and flatten

Step 6. Decorating the cake

Christmas special Butterscotch cake
  • Take sauce into a piping bag and make it stand in a tall glass
  • Cut the tip of the piping bag
  • Pour around the cake making patterns. Let the sauce drip down
  • Pat Praline on the bottom ends and sprinkle some on the top
  • Decorate the top placing strawberries or cherries or any other suitable fruit
  • Stand praline triangles around and sprinkle more crusty praline on the cake
  • Place the cake in the fridge until needed
  • Always place it back in the fridge after taking out to serve. This cake will last up to 3-4 days in the fridge
  • Enjoy!

1 min Chocolate mug cake

quick Chocolate Mug Cake – READY IN just 1 minute in the microwave

Chocolate mug cake-1min in the microwave
chocolate mug cake-1min in the microwave
Divine Chocolate Mug Cake!
Chocolate mug cake

Indulge in this beautiful chocolate mug cake and forget all your troubles!

Addictively warm and chocolatey, you will love to scoop it out while the melted chocolates drip down the spoon!

Double the amount of ingredients and make it a pronto treat for kids coming home after a long day at school or playground. Why not whip this warm and welcoming treat for a friend who drops by just to say hello?

Or make this on a cold winter afternoon, just to cheer yourself up! It works hundred percent! trust me!

Just jot down the recipe and stick it on the fridge door because you will never stop making this on-demand!

Remember to pick wide mugs with the average height shown in the picture. Also, it’s very important to fill only 1/4 of the mug because it will rise to the top and spill out making an unpleasant mess.

My Amazon picks;


Ingredients you will need for 2 mug cakes

To Whisk
Sugar4 tbsp
Butter (melted)2 tbsp
Salt2 pinches
To combine together
Plain flour4 tbsp
Baking powder1/2 tsp
Cocoa powder1 tbsp

Let’s make:

  • Whisk the egg with a fork until frothy
  • Melt the butter in the microwave or on the pan
  • Whisk the egg. Add sugar and continue whisking. Add milk and melted butter. Whisk with a balloon whisk or a fork until the sugar dissolves completely
  • Combine flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt together. Add to the mixture
  • Thoroughly whisk the batter with the fork until all comes creamy and runny
  • Pour some of the batter equally to both mugs. Sprinkle some chocolate shavings and then pour more chocolate batter on top up to 1/4 of two mugs. Drop more chocolate shavings on top
  • Microwave one mug for 1 minute on full power
  • Take out and sprinkle more milk chocolate shavings or pieces on the top
  • Microwave the second mug and drop chocolate shavings on that too
  • Your gorgeous two chocolate mug cakes are ready to devour!
chocolate butter icing

best Chocolate Butter Icing recipe – buttery, Silky Smooth, and addictive

Chocolate butter icing
Chocolate cake with butter icing recipe:

You will fall in love with this silky smooth chocolate butter icing which is indeed the most delicious, perfect frosting for your chocolate cake!

Make this beautiful icing in advance and store it in a plastic box. Place the box in the fridge so that it could come in handy whenever you need to frost a cake. Super easy! It will stay fresh for several weeks!

Never forget to add the required amount of lemon juice. It simply creates magic!

Also, it’s very important to stick to the 2:1 proportions in measuring icing sugar and margarine to achieve the best results. Always the amount of margarine should be exactly half of the icing sugar.

You will need the following ingredients;

Icing sugar300 g
Margarine / Spread125 g
Cocoa powder4-5 tbsp
Lemon juice1 tsp
Salt and Vanilla essence 3 pinches and 1 tsp
Milk2 tbsp

My Amazon picks:

Let’s whip it;

  • Using a sieve, swift the icing sugar until no hard bits remain
  • In a large bowl add margarine and beat in high speed with an electric hand mixer, until creamy
  • Add icing sugar, cocoa powder, lemon juice, salt and milk
  • Beat for several rounds until everything blends into a smooth and creamy texture
  • You chocolate butter icing is ready to use

Ribbon cake with buttercream frosting

best buttercream and chocolate Frosting for cakes

Vanilla buttercream Icing

Whip up this creamy butter icing in less than 2 mins for frosting your cake and it will whisper a delicious story to anyone who tastes a slice from it!

My personal opinion is that you should never use butter for this recipe despite it is being named ‘Butter Icing’. لعبة حظ Butter leaves a lumpy heap in cold weather and melts soon in hot weather. قرعة يورو 2023 Also, it is very dense and sticky too. Good quality spread or margarine is the best choice to make butter icing which will never let you down in taste as well as in texture. ملاعب يورو 2024 It will come out light, creamy and satin silk, making it a joy to frost your cake!


Icing sugar (Swift using a sieve to get rid of hard bits)300 g
Margarine or Spread (I use Stork UK brand)
Under room temperature
125 g
Fresh milk3 tbsp
Lemon juice1 tsp
Vanilla essence1 from bottle cap

Let’s whip it:

  • Swift icing sugar to get rid of hard bits
  • Beat icing sugar and margarine together
  • Add milk, vanilla and lemon.
  • Beat in high speed until the consistency is creamy
  • You can frost your cake now!

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


Icing sugar (Swift using a sieve to get rid of hard bits)300 g
Margarine or Spread (I use Stork UK brand)
Under room temperature
125 g
Fresh milk3 tbsp
Cocoa Powder4-5 tbsp
Lemon juice1 tsp
Vanilla essence1 from bottle cap

Let’s whip it;

  • Swift icing sugar to get rid of hard bits
  • Beat icing sugar and margarine together until creamy
  • Add cocoa powder and mix
  • Add milk, vanilla and lemon.
  • Beat in high speed until the consistency is silky and creamy
  • You can frost your cake now
  • The excess frosting could be stored in a plastic box and place in the fridge up to a month

Victoria sponge cake

Easy Victoria Sponge Cake – With Silky Buttercream Icing-

Victoria sponge cake

This lusciously rich Victoria Sponge cake, topped with creamy butter icing and sandwiched with homemade strawberry jam, is an ideal creation for any occasion.

Victoria Sponge, named after Queen Victoria,  who was known to enjoy a slice of this cake with her afternoon tea, is now a classic teatime favourite in England.  Traditionally, this cake is round in shape and the top is dusted with icing sugar. 

Remember to smear butter icing generously on the top to make the cake irresistible!

Ingredients needed to make the sponge :

Self Raising flour / Cake flour250 g
Margarine or melted butter under room temperature250 g
Caster sugar250 g
Eggs under room temp4
Milk3 tbsp
Lemon juice and Vanilla essence1  tsp each
Salt2 pinches
Baking powder1 tsp

Let’s start :

Let’s make it: Set the oven to 180 C.

Cream the batter

  • Cream butter and sugar together until smooth and creamy,  using an electric hand mixer.  Go clockwise  (3 – 4 mins)
  • Add eggs, one at a time. Make sure you beat  after each addition ( Beat 15 seconds after each egg)
  • Add vanilla essence,  lemon juice, salt, milk and whisk two rounds (1 min) 
  • Mix baking powder to flour and sieve onto the cake batter
  • Fold the flour gently with a wooden spoon until everything comes together as a creamy batter

Into the tray

  • Divide the batter equally into two parts ( If you have two similar trays, both cakes could go to the oven at the same time. Otherwise, bake one and use the same tray to bake the other)
  • Line up the bottom of the  baking tray with a parchment paper cut according to the shape and rub butter and dust flour on the sides
  • Spoon one part of the batter into the baking tray and flatten with a spatula.
  • Lift up the tray and drop it twice onto your kitchen-top gently, allowing the batter to spread and settle evenly on the try


  • Place the tray in the middle/bottom shelf of the oven (If your oven heats up too soon, set the temp. for 160 C degrees and bake the cake on the lower shelf)
  • Bake for 20 mins or the top turns golden yellow  (Never open the oven door in the initial 10 mins.  If the top is browned and the middle is not baked, do not worry, just cover the top with parchment paper and continue to bake for further 10 mins)

Take out / Bake the next

  • After 20 mins, insert a skewer into the middle of the cake and if it comes clean,  your cake is ready
  • Take it out from the oven and let it rest for 10 mins
  • Slowly remove from the tray and place the cake on a cooling rack
  • Now bake the rest of the batter in the same tray and let both cakes cool off completely
  • Meanwhile, whip up the butter icing

Delicious Butter Icing Recipe

Butter icing recipe
Icing sugar (sieve before use to get rid of hard bits)300g
lemon juice1tsp
Vanilla essence1tsp

Let’s make the icing;

  • Cream up all together using an electric hand mixer
  • The icing should have no lumpy bits but a very smooth creamy texture

Let’s ice the cake

  • Scrape the tops gently off
  • Smear strawberry jam generously on the bottom layer
  • Then spread buttercream icing on the jam layer
  • Place the other cake on top  and sandwich the cakes
  • Spread a layer of buttercream icing on the top and decorate with strawberries or raspberries
  • Leave in the fridge for 1/2 hr before serving
  • Dip a long knife in boiling water, wipe clean and gently cut dainty pieces
  • Serve with more strawberries on the side
  • Enjoy!
Sticky date cake

best Date Cake with sticky toffee sauce – ideal for Christmas

Sticky date cake

Spread joy and warmth around with this beautiful cake during this festive time!

The perfect combination of the richness of dates and the sticky sweetness of the toffee sauce make this cake rich, moist, and totally irresistible! I personally feel this is an ideal cake for Christmas time as it gives such warmth and richness to match with the winter weather and the festive atmosphere.

Make this on the previous day, allowing all the flavours and juices to infuse properly.  Serve the daintily-cut, triangle cake pieces with a pool of toffee sauce.

Ingredients needed:

Wet dates (de-stoned)250g
Self-raising flour150 g
Brown sugar150 g
Margerine/Cake spread/Butter melted65 g
Bicarb powder1 tsp
Water1 cup
Salt3 pinches
For the toffee sauce
Brown sugar5 tbsp
Margerine or butter3 tbsp
Milk3 tbsp
Salt1 pinch

Let’s make it :

  • Cut the dates into small pieces
  • Place the date pieces and water into a deep pan and bring to boil – (3-4 mins) Do not over boil as the dates will become a sticky pulp
  • Switch the flame off and add 1tsp of bicarb and mix well
  • Add sugar and stir until dissolved
  • Next, add margarine and give a good mix
  • Beat the 2 eggs lightly and add to the mixture
  • Add the flour little by a little while mixing gradually
  • Finally,  add a drop of lemon juice and vanilla and mix until everything combines properly
  • Pour the batter onto a round cake tray (line up the tray with parchment paper or rub butter and dust with flour)
  • Keep aside for 15 mins for all the flavours to incorporate properly
  • Bake in the lower rack of the oven for 20 mins under 180C degrees
  • After 20 mins stab a skewer and check if it comes clean.  If not, keep in the oven for a little longer
  • Keep the cake to cool off completely in the tray itself
  • Once cooled off, take the cake out slowly and remove the lining and stab with a skewer in several places

How to make the Toffee sauce

  • Add 5 tbsp of sugar into a thick bottom pan and switch the flame on to medium
  • Let the sugar turn golden
  • Add butter immediately and give a good stir
  • Then add milk and a pinch of salt and stir under low flame until the sugar crystals melt and turn into a thick sauce
  • Take off  the flame and keep to cool
  • Pour half of it over the cake letting the sauce run through the holes
  • Smear more sauce all over the top
  • Leave the cake overnight for the best taste!
  • Drizzle the rest of the toffee sauce over the cake slices and serve
  • Yum! Yum!