This is my personal website where I am going to share with you a range of recipes that I have an immense passion for. They include European, Asian and South-Asian recipes that offer a variety of culinary tastes to every corner of your palate.

Also, photographing my dishes in every dimension is immense fun. I always keep in mind to present them with their natural gloss and mouthwatering appearance intact! Capturing the natural gloss in a well-riped tomato, glistering olive oil on a salad and that fudgy and moist look of a chocolate cake is a real challenge but a thrilling experience indeed!

Some of my tweaked-and-tasted delicious recipes!

Essential Tips for Cooking
Oven Temperature & Gas Mark

Getting the temperature right, especially when it comes to use a gas oven, is vital for a pleasant result. I am here providing you with a link to download a chart for that purpose; it’s absolutely free.

Oven Temperature Conversion Chart
Download Free.

Essentials for your kitchen

This is the best and most reliable bread machine that I recommend for those who want to make bread at home:
I have been making soft, fluffy, delicious bread with this machine for over 15 years; it still works perfectly to this day without a flaw and hundreds of people enjoyed the bread produced by it – over the years.

This is the best cake and dough mixer that I recommend without hesitation; it works flawlessly and mixing is not a cumbersome thing any more.

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