This is my personal website where I am going to share with you a range of recipes that I have an immense passion for. They include European, Asian and South-Asian recipes that offer a variety of culinary tastes to every corner of your palate.

Also, photographing my dishes in every dimension is immense fun. I always keep in mind to present them with their natural gloss and mouthwatering appearance intact! Capturing the natural gloss in a well-riped tomato, glistering olive oil on a salad and that fudgy and moist look of a chocolate cake is a real challenge but a thrilling experience indeed!

Some of my tweaked-and-tasted delicious recipes!

Essential Tips for Cooking
Oven Temperature & Gas Mark

Getting the temperature right, especially when it comes to use a gas oven, is vital for a pleasant result. I am here providing you with a link to download a chart for that purpose; it’s absolutely free.

Oven Temperature Conversion Chart
Download Free.

Essential for your kitchen

Best bread machine

Meet the best bread machine in town!

The most reliable, automatic settings in this machine will bake beautiful loaves fit for a queen! I have been baking melt in the mouth quality breads at home for over 15 years and my beloved bread machine is still giving its best service!

You just have to add the necessary ingredients into the bread bucket, adjust the settings and forget about it. When the most delicious aroma of baking bread fills the house, you know your bread is ready even before the machine gives the “beeps” indicating that it has just baked a glorious bread for you!

The recipe booklet comes with it is full of recipes for various bakery products. For doughnuts, naans or French bread, it kneads the dough perfectly and you just need to pat them into shape and fry or pop into the oven!

Once you buy the bread machine, follow the instruction booklet and get in tune with its settings. Clean properly after every bread and store the blade and the bucket in the machine itself.

Good luck! Happy baking!

bread bucket