Sauw / Sago Caramel Pudding – A cooling dessert for Summer!

Sago pudding

This sago / Sauw pudding  is a perfect summer dessert due to its high cooling effect and to enhance its taste and appearance, I added some caramel into it.

Quite interestingly,  tossing a heap of cinnamon powder gives such sweet aroma and a soothing effect on the tummy too.   Sago seeds

What you need:

Sago seeds  (small) 3/4 cup
Water 1 cup
Brown sugar 2 tbsp
Salt 1/4 tsp
Cinnamon powder 1 tsp
Raisins A fistful
Cashew (optional)
Milk (coconut milk or fresh drinking milk) 1 cup
Jaggery – grated  1/2 cup

Make it:

  • Soak sago seeds in plenty of  water for an hour or two to soften them. You will notice that the sago seeds soaked up all the water and heaped up in double the amount.
  • Drain the water and keep aside.
  • Place 2 tbsps of brown sugar on to a small pan.
  • Heat it up on high flame.  You will notice the sugar is slowly melting into a brownish lava.  Let the sides go dark brown  and bubbles bobbing in the middle.
  • Pour a 3 tbsp water onto sugar caramel and stir until all crystals dissolve.
  • Now add the grated jaggery.
  • Pour 1 cup of warm water and let the jaggery dissolve, making a brown liquid.
  • Add the soaked sago seeds and cook while stiring.  If the water is not enough add more.
  • While cooking process is progressing add  sugar, salt, cinnamon powder and throw a fistful of raisins. Continue stirring until all come together as a ball and no water remains in the pan.
  • Quickly add milk.  Cook continuously stirring for about 6, 7 minutes until everything comes to a sticky lump.
  • Close the flame, pour the pudding into a Pyrex dish. (wash the dish with cold water before putting the pudding in.  This will easily make the pieces come out when you cut the pudding into squares when serving).
  • Arrange cashew halves on top if you prefer the creamy bite of cashew along with the pudding.
  • Now, place the dish in the fridge.
  • Cut into squares and serve with runny honey, maple syrup, golden syrup or coconut / Kitul treacle drizzled on top!!
  • Yummy !!

Sago pudding2

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