Raw Radish salad


Radish, relieves toxins from kidneys and provides numerous health benefits. In addition, it is a natural remedy to facilitate bowel movements, which in turn keep the constipation at bay. This salad is made from tender raw Radish leaves, which enhances the taste of a simple combination of plain rice and curries – as a side dish or something delicious on it’s own. You can find radish leaves in bunches in Asian fruit and vegetable shops or straight it out of your veggie patch in the garden.

radish 2

Let’s make it:

  • Separate the radish leaves from their stems, wash and  shake off the water.
  • Cut very finely and drop into a bowl.
  • Chop an onion and a green chili very thinly and keep aside of the bowl.
  • Take a handful of scraped coconut and drop it on to the same side.
  • Now sprinkle two pinches of salt and squeeze half a lemon onto  coconut.
  • Mix all thoroughly with your fingers.
  • Now bring radish leaves together.
  • Check the taste and add a few more drops of lemon juice, if necessary.
  • If you are offering this delicious salad to kids or to anyone who is not accustomed to chilies,  omit green chilies, without affecting the taste.
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7 thoughts on “Raw Radish salad

    1. Thank you. You will love the crunchiness of the vegetables and the spongy Feta cheese in this salad. A lovely treat for summer!!

    1. Amazing blog for lots of extremely use pieces of inriomatofn and facts! It is a very good feeling to finally obtain such a handy resource. I’ve been searching the site for more than an hour now and also have actually discovered a lot. Just wanted to let you know

      1. Thank you Irene for your compliments and encouraging words. I will post more healthy + happy recipes in future. All dishes are made by me and tested by my hub and bub.(Husband and little son)

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