Chicken Teriyaki – Spicy and flavourful delicious chicken dish in minutes!

chicken tariyaki

While trying to produce something that is spicy as well as subtly sweet I ended up producing this delicious chicken dish which is slightly related to Japanese Teriyaki technique, means “shine” , refering to its mouthwatering gloss.

So easy and delicious, you will love this chicken with bread, rice or wrapped in a tortilla with some cubed onions for extra crunch!

No proper recipe layout is needed because this dish is done with a very easy few steps.

So, lets make it then;

Gather the following ingredients: 

Take the ingredients according to your taste.

  • About 300g of chicken thighs or legs cut into medium size pieces
  • Salt and pepper
  • Soy sauce and sugar
  • Spring onions chopped
  • Olive oil or any cooking oil
  • Spring onions chopped

Let’s make:

  • Marinate the chicken with salt and pepper and keep aside for at least 20 mins

  • Heat up the oil in a non-stick pan and shallow fry the chicken until well cooked

  • Scrape the juices and mix with chicken and push all to a side of the pan
  • Mix 2 tbsp of soy sauce with a 1/2 tsp of  sugar and pour on to the pan and let it boil
  • Mix chicken and sauce altogether and stir fry
  • Sprinkle lots of pepper powder and adjust salt
  • Throw a cubed onion and a slit green bullet chili and chopped spring greens on top
  • Done !

Chicken Teriyaki

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Victoria Sponge for Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Special Victoria Sponge Cake With Silky Butter Cream Icing- Lusciously Rich Cake For The Romantic Occasion

This lusciously rich, heart-shaped Victoria Sponge cake, filled with creamy butter icing and homemade strawberry jam, is an ideal romantic creation, just right for celebrating  your Valentine’s day in a very stylish way.  Hurry, gather the necessary ingredients and whip it up now!

Victoria Sponge, named after the Queen Victoria,  who was known to enjoy a slice of this cake with her afternoon tea, is now a classic teatime favourite in England.  Traditionally, this cake is round in shape and the top is dusted with icing sugar.  However, I chose to make the same in a heart shape and smeared butter icing generously on the top to suit the occasion. No reservations for the yummy tastebuds when love is in the air!

Now that the strawberries are in season, it will take less than half an hour to make fresh and juicy jam at home to fill this sponge.  Please click on the link below for my easy jam recipe.  I must emphasise that the enticing flavours in this homemade strawberry  jam complements hugely to the delicious taste of this cake.  If the time doesn’t permit to make the jam or you are in a region where straw are hard to come by, then opt for the best brand of strawberry jam in the shop shelves.

Also, the butter icing should be smooth and creamy to enhance the overall taste.  I used Stork spread for this purpose and am quite happy with the outcome.  However, you can opt for any soft butter of your choice, but remember to stick to the right proportions and whisk it until silky and smooth.

Ingredients needed to make the sponge :

Self Raising flour / Cake flour 250 g
Margerine or melted butter under room tempreture 250 g
Caster sugar 250 g
Eggs under room temp 4
Milk 3 tbsp
Lemon juice and Vanilla essence 1  tsp each
Salt 2 pinches
Baking powder 1 tsp

Let’s start :

Let’s make it: Set the oven to 180 C .

Cream it

  • Cream butter and sugar together until smooth and creamy,  using an electric hand mixer.  Go clockwise  (3 – 4 mins)
  • Add eggs, one at a time. Make sure you beat  after each addition ( Beat 15 seconds after each egg)
  • Add vanilla essence,  lemon juice, salt, milk and whisk two rounds (1 min) 
  • Mix baking powder to flour and sieve onto the cake batter
  • Fold the flour gently with a wooden spoon until everything comes together as a creamy batter

Tray it

  • Divide the batter equally into two parts ( If you have two similar trays, both cakes could go to the oven at the same time. Otherwise, bake one and use the same tray to bake the other)
  • Line up the bottom of the  baking tray with a parchment paper cut according to the shape and rub butter and dust flour on the sides
  • Spoon one part of the batter into the baking tray and flatten with a spatula.
  • Lift up the tray and drop it twice onto your kitchen-top gently, allowing the batter to spread and settle evenly on the try

Oven it

  • Place the tray in middle/bottom shelf of the oven (If you oven heats up too soon, set the temp. for 160 C degrees and bake the cake in the lower shelf)
  • Bake for 20 mins or the top turns golden yellow  (Never open the oven door in the initial 10 mins.  If the top is browned and the middle is not baked, do not worry, just cover the top with a parchment paper and continue to bake for further 10 mins)

Take out / Bake the next

  • After 20 mins, insert a skewer into the middle of the cake and if it comes clean,  your cake is ready

  • Take it out from the oven and let it rest for 10 mins
  • Slowly remove from the tray and place the cake on a cooling rack
  • Now bake the rest of the batter in the same tray and let both cakes cool off completely

Let’s make the butter icing now 

You will need the following ingredients :

 Icing sugar 300 g
Butter or Margarine 125 g
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp
Milk 2 tbsp
Vanilla 1/2 tsp

Let’s make the icing:

  • Cream butter/spread until smooth
  • Sieve icing sugar onto butter
  • Add lemon juice, milk and vanilla essence
  • Cream up all together using an electric hand mixer until smooth
  • Your butter cream icing is ready now

Let’s ice the cake now

  • Scrape the tops gently off

  • Smear strawberry jam generously on the bottom layer

  • Then spread butter cream icing on the jam layer
  • Place the other cake on top  and sandwich the cakes
  • Spread a layer of butter cream icing on the top and decorate with strawberries or rasphberries
  • Leave in the fridge for 1/2 hr before serving
  • Dip a long knife in boiling water, wipe clean and gently cut dainty pieces
  • Serve with more strawberries on the side
  • Enjoy!


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bittergourd, karella stir fry

Delicious Bittergourd /Karella/Karavila Recipes – A Sure Antidote For Diabetes

Recipe No : 1

Bittergourd Stir fried with Onions – Delicious and flavourful side dish

bittergourd, karella stir fry


Despised for its bitter taste,  karela is not favoured by many.  However, it is not a secret that  Karela is relished by those who are aware of its therapeutic value and innumerable health benefits.  This page is especially dedicated to bittergourd recipes due to the amazing medicinal values in it.

Karela has active substances such as charantin with anti-diabetic properties which act as insulin that help to control blood sugar levels!  Diabetic patients could reap full benefits of Karela by drinking juice of it first thing in the morning to flush out toxins and excess blood sugar.  Consuming Karela in regular basis will help the body to combat against building up excess sugar levels and stay in control with diabetes.

This recipe outshines all my other Karela recipes for its delicious taste and crunchy texture which is incredibly appetising.  Unbelievably, the few lemon juice drops added to the stir fry at the end, enhance the taste in a great deal and make it quite pleasant to the taste buds too.

So, please make this simple recipe and enjoy it at least once in two weeks and keep yourself healthy and revitalized.

Only the basic few ingredients are needed to make this dish:

Bittergourd / Karela / Karavila 4 medium
Onions 2 large
Kashmiri Chilli Powder 1 tsp
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Lemon juice  a few drops
Salt as required
Olive oil 2 tbsps

Let’s make :          

Important : Do not wash Karela before cutting

  • Cut dainty, thin rounds with seeds and all (Nothing should be wasted)
  • Sprinkle 1 tbsp of salt and keep aside for 20 – 30 mins
  • After 20 mins, place karela in a colander and wash under a cold tap until salt is removed
  • Squeeze dry and keep aside

Stir fry

Add olive oil and heat up a wide pan

Add Karela and stir fry for about 3-4 mins or until slightly tender

Drop chopped onions and continue stir frying for a few mins or until Karela is getting crispy

Add turmeric, salt and Kashmiri chili powder

  • Cover and lower the flame.  This will allow uncooked bits to cook evenly and all the spices to blend.  Upto 3-4 mins is sufficient

  • Open the lid, squeese a few drops of lemon juice and give a good mix under medium flame
  • Done
  • Enjoy the delicious, crispy Karela stir fry either on its own or as a side dish with your main meal

Recipe No : 2 

Stuffed Bittergourd

karella stuffed

I described this recipe as “Karella, at its best” because, nothing of this vegetable is wasted in the cooking process: whole pod of this vegetable, the skin, seeds and the ‘fleshy part’, is being used to make this glorious dish; not only is it delicious, but also is rich in medicinal value.

This particular cooking method stems from Punjabi cuisine tradition, which later on spread its way across India, favoured  by many cultures for its unique taste, enriched with numerous health benefits.

It has been renowned as a super diabetes buster for ages.  New findings through extensive research have proved that the seeds of Karella form a robust fighter against cancer cells, which guaranteed its rank among super vegetables provided by nature.

Although, stuffed karella is normally deep fried in some recipes, I took steps to to keep its rare medicinal value intact: I steam them, with little olive oil sprayed all over.  Hence, I can assure you that according to this recipe karella comes with its best to your plate!

You will need :

Let’s make it :

Scrape it

  • Wash Karella and scrape the skin off.
  • Slit in the middle, take the seeds out from the cavity using a small spoon.
  • Chop the skin and seeds very thinly, sprinkle 1 tbsp of salt and keep aside for 1/2 hr.
  • Rub salt inside the cavities of Karella and keep aside at  the same time.

  • After 1/2 hr, wash both karella cavities,  chopped skin and seeds and squeeze, drain the water away using a sieve.

Stir fry it

  • Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a pan.
  • Splutter cumin seeds and hing.
  • Add chopped onion and saute until golden.
  • Add ginger garlic paste. Fry.
  • Add all the spices and fry.
  • Add gram flour and mix all thoroughly.
  • Add salt and check the taste.
  • Toss some chopped coriander leaves.
  • Your filling is ready!

Fill it

  • Fill cavities of each karella with the filling.
  • Spray olive oil around the pan and arrange karella side by side.

Stream it

  • Toss a bit of oil on top.
  • Cover and let the karella cook in the steam under low flame while turning occasionally, not letting them burn.

  • Finally, sprinkle little olive oil on top, toss some coriander leaves and serve warm with rice or rottis.

 Karela Curry 

Karela curry

Bittergourd Stir Fried With Fresh Coconut

Karella stir fry

I love the crunchiness of the Karella slices in this dish despite its mild bitterness and the fresh coconut in it contributes to a very pleasant sweetness.

The best news is that while making this stir fry, karella is in its natural form and intact with all its medicinal values. Well known as the world’s best antidote for diabetes, bitter gourd,  eaten raw or half cooked like in this dish, flushes out the excess sugar and toxins in the system and purifies it.

This dish could be eaten on its own or as a side dish with steamed rice.

So, let’s make it:

The best news is that while making this stir fry, karella is in its natural form and intact with all its medicinal values. Well known as the world’s best antidote for diabetes, bitter gourd,  eaten raw or half cooked like in this dish, flushes out the excess sugar and toxins in the system and purifies it.

This dish could be eaten on its own or as a side dish with steamed rice.

So, let’s make it:

What you need: karavila2-300x175

 Light green, very tender bitter gourd 3
Freshly scraped/grated coconut a handful
Salt to taste
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Onions 1 large
Curry leaves and two pinches of turmeric
Oil 1 tbsp

  How to make :

  • Slice up the bitter gourd very thinly.


  • Remove all the seeds


  • Sprinkle a little salt water and keep aside for 5 mins.
  • Mix grated coconut with a bit of turmeric(optional) salt to taste and pepper powder.
  • Squeeze  the bitter gourds to remove excess water and immediately mix with the coconut.


  • Slice the onion very thinly.
  • Heat oil in a wok and splutter some mustard seeds(optional).
  • Saute onions until slightly golden. Toss a lot of curry leaves.


  • Add bitter gourds mixed with coconut.
  • Stir fry continuously.  (Do not close the lid or add water at any point)
  • Toss often and stir fry until the bitter gourd pieces no longer taste raw but nice and crunchy as well as taste great.
  • Adjust salt and pepper.
  • Done!!
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Sticky date cake

Sticky Date Cake – Soaked With Delicious Toffee Sauce To Celebrate The New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

Sticky date cake


The perfect combination of the richness of dates and the sticky sweetness of the toffee sauce will make you fall in love with this cake instantly!  Make this juicy cake to celebrate any occassion and you will never fail to disappoint your guests.

Rustle this up just the day before, allowing all the flavours and juices to infuse properly.  Serve the daintily-cut, traingle cake pieces  with a pool of toffee sauce all around it. Heavenly!

With its rich flavours, dense sponginess and the thick toffee sauce that melted through all the layers, make this cake a comfort and a joy to taste during cold winter months.  You can even serve this to your family and friends at family gatherings during Christmas time.   Incredibly, to make the cake batter, you don’t even have to take the electric cake mixer out as the batter is cooked on the stove, resulting a very dense and flavourful texure!   So, make it today and enjoy the luxury taste of this exotic cake!


Ingredients needed :

Dates – (de stoned) 250 g
Self raising flour 150 g
Brown sugar 150 g
Eggs 2
Margerine or Cake spread (For cakes, I follow Marry Berry’s tip to use spread in place of butter for a lighter texture) 65 g
Bicarb powder 1 tsp
Water 1 cup
Salt 3 pinches

For the Toffee sauce

Brown sugar 5 tbsp
Margerine or butter 3 tbsp
Milk 3 tbsp
Salt 1 pinch

Let’s make it :

  • Cut the dates into small pieces
  • Place the date pieces and water  into a deep pan and bring to boil – (3-4 mins) Do not over boil as the dates will become a sticky pulp.

  • Switch the flame off and add 1tsp of bicarb and mix well

  • Add Sugar and stir until dissolved
  • Next add margerine and give a good mix
  • Beat the 2 eggs lightly and add to the mixture

  • Add the flour little by little while mixing gradually

  • Finally,  add a drop of lemon juice and vanilla and mix until everything combines properly
  • Pour the batter onto a round cake tray (line up the tray with parchment paper or rub butter and dust with flour)
  • Keep aside for 15 mins for all the flavours to incorporate properly

  • Bake in the lower rack of the oven for 20 mins under 180C degrees
  • After 20 mins stab a skewer and check if it comes clean.  If not, keep in the oven for a little longer
  • Keep the cake to cool off completely in the tray itself
  • Once cooled off, take the cake out slowly and remove the linning and stab with a skewer in several places

Now make the Toffee sauce

  • Add 5 tbsp of sugar into a thick bottom pan and switch the flame on to medium

  • Let the sugar turn golden
  • Add butter immediately and give a good stir

  • Then add milk and a pinch of salt and stir under low flame until the sugar crystals melt and turn into a thick sauce

  • Take off  the flame and keep to cool
  • Pour half of it over the cake letting the sauce run through the holes

  • Smear more sauce all over the top
  • Leave the cake overnight for the best taste!



  • Drizzle the rest of the sauce over cake slices and serve
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Christmas log cake

Yule Log Cake – Christmas Yule Log Filled With Butter Icing

Yule Log 🎄is a very special part of Christmas celebrations dating back to medieval times.  In the yester years, around Europe, this tradition was one of the highlights during Christmas time.   An entire tree was carefully chosen and cut down, cleared of all branches and brought to the house.  Then one side of it would be placed in the fire hearth while the the rest of the log would be lying in the room.  Then the tree would be lit up by the remains of the last year’s log and slowly fed into the fire through the Twelve Days of Christmas bringing such cosy warmth and festive spirit to the family.

Making this chocolate Yule Log cake,  which is filled with buttery chocolate icing, is easy and fun!  I particularly loved decorating it, giving it a real Christmacy appearance; fixing a few holly leaves on the top with red berries and dusting it with icing sugar to make it look like snow flakes made my heart swell with glee!

So, lets gather the following ingredients and get on with making this delicious cake before the Christmas day dawns.

For the cake you will need;

 Plain Flour  50 g
 Sugar (white caster or soft brown sugar)  120 g
 Eggs  3
 Baking Powder  1 tsp
 Corn Flour  2 tbsp
 Cocoa Powder  1 & 1/2 tbsp
 Salt  pinch
 Vanilla 1/2 tsp

For the butter icing

 Icing Sugar  200 g
 Margarine or spread  100 g
 Vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice
 Cocoa Powder  1 & 1/2 tbsp
 Fresh Milk  1 tbsp

Let’s make the cake 

Set the Oven to 180 C

Beat it

  • Seperate the egg whites and yolks carefully (not even a drop of yolk should be in the whites)


  •  Beat the egg whites using an electric hand mixer, in high speed for 2 mins until peaks appear

  • Add sugar in three times while beating in high speed for 1 min (Never drop all the sugar at once)

  • Add egg yolks and beat for 2 mins

  • Add chocolate powder, baking powder, corn flour and plain flour together and sieve on to the batter
  • Add salt and vanilla

  • Do not use the electric mixer at this point.  Fold the flour using a spatula until the batter becomes creamy.

Prepare the tin

  • 12″ x 10″ size swiss cake tin is the right size for the sponge
  • Line up with a parchment paper

Prepare the parchment paper for rolling the cake

  • Lay a wide parchment paper on a  kitchen towel
  • Sprinkle granulated sugar and keep it ready for rolling out the cake


  • Spread the sponge batter on the tray
  • Lift and drop the tray twice on the kitchen top for the batter to settle evenly
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 15 mins


Take the cake out of the oven

  • Lay the cake face down on the sugar sprinkled parchment paper
  • Sprinkle some water on to the linining parchement paper, so that it comes out easily.  Peel it off gently

Roll out

  • While the cake is still very warm, roll out the cake with the parchment paper

  • Leave it to cool off completely for 1 hr.

Let’s make the butter icing

  • Mix 200g of icing sugar and 1 & 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder and seive on to 100g of  margerine/spread and beat it in high speed for 2 mins
  • Add 1 tbsp of fresh milk,  vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice
  • Beat altogether until creamy
  • Chocolate butter icing is ready to use!

(You can make an extra batch of butter icing and keep it in an air tight plastic box in the fridge for future use.  For the next cake, place the box of icing in the microwave and heat up for 15 seconds to melt it and spread on the cake)

Ice it

  • Open the cake flat on a tray
  • Spread a thick layer of butter icing

  • Roll it gently

  • Smear a generous amount of chocolate butter icing on top
  • Run a fork across the surface, making it look like a real log!
  • Dust with icing sugar
  • Decorate to your heart’s content and bring your inner Christmas spirit out!

Christmas log cake

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Beetroot Rice – Kids Favourite Rice Dish

Beetroot rice

Serve this pretty dome of Beetroot rice with full of flavours to any kid with fussy eating habits and witness how delightfully he will polish the plate off in minutes!  Make a cheerful food art blending several other colours and kids will go crazy!

This is definitely a very clever way to include beetroot into your kid’s diet.  The vibrant glossy red colour, the natural sweetness of beetroot and the most uncomplicated way of making it preserves all the goodness, flavours and colour in the dish.

What is special in this recipe is that it tastes simply the best on its own without any accompaniment.  However, I add a sliced boiled egg and scatter some poppadums when I serve older kids.  For little ones, just serve as uncomplicated as it is!

Gather the following ingredients:

Cooked Rice 1
Beetroot 1 large or 2
Onion 1
Garlic 3 cloves
Olive oil or any kind of oil 1 tbsp
Butter 1/2 tbsp
Curry Leaves (optional)
Salt and Pepper powder

Let’s make :

  • Grate the beetroot finely (Use a fork to hold the pieces to make it easier)

  • Heat oil in a wide wok
  • Saute’ chopped onion
  • Add chopped garlic and stir fry a little
  • Break the curry leaves into small pieces and drop
  • Add all the grated beetroot and stir fry a minute
  • Add salt and pepper powder
  • Drop a dollop of butter for a buttery taste (You can omit this for a more healthier version)
  • Add rice little by little while mixing rapidly
  • Give a good mix and adjust the taste
  • Serve in a bowl or as a dome on a pretty plate
  • Yum!

Beetroot rice

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Diwali tuti fruiti laddoos

No Ghee Diwali Semolina/Sooji Laddoos – Tuti Fruiti For A Festive Look

Diwali Sweets

These Semolina laddos are so easy to make; you can rustle them up just before Diwali.  I deliberately avoided ghee in this recipe, because  all Diwali sweets contain ghee, the staple in making Indian sweets.

This whole process takes less than 15mins.  You can double up the amount and make a larger quantity and store in the fridge for a couple of days ahead of Diwali.

I added tuti fruiti to give it a cheerful festive look and to make them stand out from other usual sweets.  Also, kids will love the colourful look and the dainty sweetness of tuti fruiti along with the creamy taste of the laddoos.  In place of tuti fruiti, you can add butter roasted cashews, almonds or sultanas.

Wish you all a very happy Diwali!

You will need the following ingredients to make these:

Corse Semolina / Sooji 1 full cup
Castor Sugar(if you are taking granulate sugar grind until smooth) 1/2 cup
Milk 3 tbsp
Butter 2 tbsp
Salt 2 pinches
Tuti Fruiti
Cardamom powder 2 pinches
Vanilla 2 drops

Let’s Make :

  • In a heavy bottom pan melt butter
  • Add semolina and fry for 5 mins
  • Add sugar and stir a couple of mins
  • Mix cardamom powder, vanilla and Salt
  • Add milk gradually while mixing everything rapidly under a very low flame
  • When all comes together empty it into a bowl
  • Before it cools down add a handful of  tuti fruiti and quickly make balls
  • Decorate with more tuti fruiti sprinkled on top
  • Keep aside for 1/2 hr and they will be ready to devour

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No mixer chocolate cupcakes

No Mixer Chocolate Cupcakes – Easy Peasy Glorious Cupcakes

No mixer chocolate cupcakes

Making cupcakes cannot be easier than this!  And, getting the utmost sponginess, the intensly chocolaty flavour and the eye popping beautiful glazed chocolate icing are all a great big bonus!

Try this out today and you are sure to get addicted to both the taste as well as the easy method of making it!

The best part of making these glorious cakes is that you don’t even have to take your electric hand mixer out.  Hence, no extra washing up and storing all back!  Just by mixing all the ingredients, you get the right consistancy, tempting colour and the most satisfying taste of a luxury cake!

Let’s make them with a smile!

You will need:

Self Raising Flour 250 g
Margerine or Baking spread (I used Stork baking spread) 250 g
Caster sugar 250 g
Eggs (large) 2
Milk 1/2 cup
Cocoa Powder 3 tbsp
Baking powder 1 tsp
Salt 4 pinches
For the icing
Icing sugar 150 g
Margerine 75 g
Cocoa Powder 2 tbsp
Milk 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence 1 tsp

Let’s make :

  • Pre heat the Oven at 180 C Gas mark 4

Easy to follow oven tempreture conversion chart :

  • In a heavy bottom pan, place milk, margerine, sugar, cocoa powder and salt
  • Heat until all melt into a chocolaty sauce, being careful not to let it boil.  When everything comes together as a sauce take out from the flame.

  • Mix baking powder and flour together and sieve on to a bowl
  • Using a fork, whisk the eggs until frothy
  • Now slowly pour the chocolate sauce on to the eggs and mix well

  • Add the liquidy chocolaty mixture on to the flour while rapidly mixing
  • Mix with a wooden spoon or a spatula until no lumpy bits remaining
  • The mixture will be very watery.  Keep aside for 15 mins until it turns into a thick sauce

  • Pour on to silicon cupcake cases, paper cupcake cases or just rub butter and dust flour the muffin tray and carefully pour the batter leaving a little space from the top allowing the cake to rise

  • Bake in the pre- heated oven for 15-20 mins  (Important : never open the door of the oven in the initial 10 mins)

  • Take out the cupcakes and place on a tray to cool off completely

Now make the chocolate icing

  • Melt all the ingredients mentioned under ‘Icing’ in a heavy bottom pan until everything comes to a runny liquid. This is a very quick task.  do not boil or over heat
  • Leave to cool

  • Pour over cupcakes

  • Decorate with white chocolate and milk chocolate shavings
  • Place all the cupcakes in a tray and stick in the fridge for the icing to settle
  • After 1/2 hr your cupcakes are ready to devour!
  • Store in an plastic box in the fridge
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Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng – Delicious Homemade Indonesian Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng-Indonesian Fried Rice

nasi goreng

This glorious rice dish belongs to traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Indonesian mothers used to serve this dish as breakfast by using the leftover, cold rice from the previous night’s dinner.  It’s indeed a very clever way to give the leftover rice a glorious, colourful and a scrumptiously flavourful finishing!  Other cultures in the same region soon started embracing this dish and loved serving it as a main meal or make large potions at family gatherings.

Adding prawns to this dish proves to be a perfect culinary ingenuity, as seafood and rice go just so well together. Yet, the secret of the addictive delicious taste and the tempting colour stem from the homemade chili paste (Recipe is given below).  The savoury taste of shrimp,  blended with the subtle sweetness of soy sauce and sugar with the right quantities of  chili flakes, ginger and garlic get a delicious twist that no other food enhancer could ever come closer.

You can make the chili paste in a larger quantity  in advance and store in the fridge for future use.  Also, by making the chicken and prawns as well as cooking the rice the previous day, could save a lot of time.

So, Let’s make it;

You will need the following Ingredients:

Basmati rice 2 & 1/4 cups
Chicken (cut into bite size pieces) 500 g
Large prawns 250 g
Carrots (cut into thin stripes) 1 cup
Leeks (thinly cut) 1 cup
Onion 1 large
Ginger and Garlic ( chopped)
Green chili 1 large
Sauces :
Chili sauce 4 tbsp
Soy sauce 3 tbsp
Ketchup 1 tbsp
Oyster sauce 1 tbsp (optional)
Chili paste 4 tbsp


1st Step –  Make the Chili paste

While experimenting on this great taste bud winner, I came across a method to minimize the amount of oil used in it  Instead of deep frying all the ingredients as everyone usually does,  I stir fried each one separately, using as less as a teaspoon of oil.

Surprisingly,  the taste was supreme, despite not being drenched in oil like many available brands in the shop shelves.  If you once make it at home, you will never buy any supermarket brands.  Loving the fresh and utterly flavourful homemade taste of this chili paste, I ended up making a full jar of it and stored in the fridge.  It will sit in the fridge fresh and aromatic for about a month if I am not tempted to add it to my various rice dishes.

You will need the following ingredients to make this:

  • 1 cup of shrimp
  • 1 cup of thinly chopped onions
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • salt
  • 1 tbsp Soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp Ginger and garlic freshly chopped
  • 2 tbsp of chili flakes or crushed dried red chili

Make it:

  • In 1 tsp of oil fry the shrimps and keep aside
  • Add a drop or two oil into the same pan, fry onions and keep aside
  • Fry the chili flakes in another few drops of oil
  • Add ginger and garlic cut into thin pieces
  • Add soy sauce, sugar and salt
  • Crush all into a past using a hand blender
  • Check the taste and add salt or sugar a bit more if needed
  • Chili paste is ready!

2nd Step – Chicken and Prawns stir fry


Mix all the following ingredients and marinate Chicken and Prawns. Keep aside for 2 hours (Prepare  this on the previous day to save time)

  • Chili powder 1tsp
  • Curry powder 1 tsp
  • Ginger and garlic grated or paste 1 tbsp
  • Soy sauce 1 tbsp
  • Salt and Pepper powder
  • Turmeric 1/2 tsp
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp

Stir fry the chicken and keep aside


Stir fry the prawns and keep aside

3rd Step – pREPARE eGGS

  • Scramble the 2 eggs with a little salt and pepper and keep aside


  • Wash the rice and leave in a bowl filled with cold water for 20 min
  • Drain water and fill with fresh water just above the rice
  • Add a few drops of oil, 4 cloves, a cinnamon stick, a few cardamoms and a few sprinkles of salt
  • Cook under medium flame until fluffy
  • Open the lid, add a 1tsp of butter and fluff up the rice
  • Keep aside to cool off completely

(Make this on the previous day and place in the fridge)

5th step – Let’s fry up all together

  • Slice the carrots, leeks and onions, slit a green chili, chop garlic and keep aside

  • In a large wok, add 2tbsp of olive oil and saute the onions along with garlic and green chili

  • Add the whites of leek and carrots.  Stir fry until soften

  • Add chicken, prawns and egg scrambled.  Toss a few times and push all to a side

  • In the middle of the wok add all sauces ; soy, chili, ketchup, oyster
  • Let the sauces boil a little while and add 3 tbsp heaps of Chili paste and a bit of salt
  • Rapidly mix under high flame for a short while

  • Toss the green part of leek to the well mixed meat, prawns and veggies

  • Add rice while rapidly mixing under high flame

  • A few minutes rapid tossing and mixing will bring all together
  • Adjust the taste at this point (Add more chili paste if you desire a fiery taste)

  • Make a perfect bullseye by dropping the egg to a little deep frying pan and cooking it under a very low flame
  • Repeat with the other eggs

  • Now scoop enough rice to fill a dome shaped cup, flatten tight and place a plate on the top
  • Turn upside down and release the cup gently
  • You will have a pretty dome of Nasi Goreng in the middle of the plate
  • Serve hot with a bullseye placed on the top of the dome

Nasi Goreng

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Wine biscuits

Linguas De Veado / Wine Biscuits – Melt in your mouth biscuits

wine biscuits

These little sweet and crunchy biscuits are called “Linguas de veado” in Portuguese.   Quite interestingly, when translated into English it means ; Butter cookies in the shape of a large tongue.  However, I made them round so that they are easier to pop into the mouth and crunch away in seconds!

Super easy to make and they all will vanish in a jiffy.

Try the recipe today and you will be making this again and again.

What you need:

Egg whites  3
Icing sugar  120 g
Margerine or butter (melted)  120 g
Plain flour  120 g
Salt  3 pinches
 Vanilla 1 tsp


Set the Oven to 160 C

Cream it

  • Clean wipe a wide bowl perfectly dry to beat the egg whites
  • Pour the egg whites and beat until frothy.  This will take  2- 3 mins
  • In a seperate bowl beat butter and icing sugar until creamy
  • Now add the butter and sugar cream to the egg whites
  • Add Plain flour
  • Add salt and vanilla
  • Give a good stir and bring all together using a wooden spoon or a spatula


Pipe it

  • Pour the batter into a piping bag
  • Pipe disc shapes on to a non-stick baking tray or a tray lined with parchment paper
  • Stick in the oven for 15 mins
  • or the edges of biscuits turn into a lovely golden colour
  • Take out of the oven and let the biscuits cool down on the tray itself

linguas de veado

  • Give a little nudge to the biscuits with a spatula and they will slide off
  • Ready to gobble down three at a time!

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